GeneralsJoes Reviews Hall of Heroes B.A.T. and Storm Shadow

The next two Hall of Heroes figures are up to “B.A.T.” for review today!

Initially marketed as coming with the battle damaged head, the original carded release of the Cobra B.A.T. left collectors disappointed, even as impressive a figure as it was.  Well, the Hall of Heroes version goes all out, and even though the Defense of Cobra Island B.A.T. gave us the same package, it’s nice to get it in single pack form.

Storm Shadow?  Well, that’s another story…

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6 thoughts on “GeneralsJoes Reviews Hall of Heroes B.A.T. and Storm Shadow

  1. Out of all the 25th army builders I think the BAT still holds up the best. Great sculpt, excellent articulation, and nearly a perfect update to the original figure. I’m actually looking forward to the POC Jungle Bat that’s coming out, mainly for that battle damaged head.

  2. You know, as a carded collector figure for those of us who grew up with these they do a remarkable job of giving an emotional high similar to their original releases. Other versions within the three year timespan of the 25th collection are probably better, but you have to admit that these were designed to get back the feeling you had as a kid when you first picked them off the pegs of your local toy shop.

  3. Totally woulda bought that B.A.T. if I could have found it in a store and forgave the fact that I was tossing out part of the money I was paying for it (packaging). I mean, it’s pretty and all, but I don’t keep anything in package. I’m really glad the Jungle B.A.T. is coming with that battle damaged head.

  4. OK i like the BAT but Stormy is realy weak, to be honest I much better like that 2009 5pack version – yes that one with grey belt and lower legs. When you have him in hand he is realy not bad representation of storm shadow. Hell i even like better first version form 25th with sleaves.

  5. It’s interesting to read a review that takes a critical look at these older figures in today’s GIJoe toy environment.

    The BAT is a BAT and it’s a good one. Personally I feel the battle damaged head should of come with the paint wiped version as it makes more sense to have that damage on one that has been in combat, but I too loved the clean look of these to use as lab versions or gurad duty or even just ornamental throughout the Cobra base.

    Storm Shadow on the other hand is very interesting to me. I loved it when they gave us this version. Finally an authentic version, no weirdo patterns in biege all over his sleeves, no gray belts. However, nowadays, I would expect the accessories to be what makes this figure and in this case it’s exactly what holds it back.

    First, being an hommage to the comicbook version, what we really needed was a Tommy head to be able to swap with. Then take that quiver and make all those arrows removable, being able to attach them to the bow somehow. Add in that sword stand with the swords that came with the training Snake Eyes comic pack (to reflect back to when he was training Billy). I also have a friend who dremelled out the dagger hole in the belt to fit the original nunchuks. Also, another nice touch would be the removable throwing stars (that came with PoC SS) going up the front of his backpack belt.

    I guess these are the expectations with us living in the new age of GIJoe.

    If that 30th Anniversary SS turns out half as good as it looks, this HoH version may see the customs bin sooner or later.

  6. Already having a dozen BATS and getting the battle damaged one from the COBRA Island 7 pack I passed on the HOH version.

    I did pick up Storm Shadow though. Being a comic fan I go for the more comic – accurate looking figures like the yellow strapped COBRA Trooper, and sleeveless Storm Shadow. So he was gladly picked up along with Firefly (mostly because I wasn’t a fan of his single pack release, wish they would have done a better job with his camo).

    What kept me from collecting any other HOH figures was we had already gotten them at some point and there wasn’t much more to these to make them desirable to pay another $10 a figure.

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