Hasbro G.I. Joe Q & A 2011 begins NOW.

Up to this point we hadn’t heard when the schedule for the 2011 G.I. Joe Q & A’s would begin (or even if there was going to be one).  Well, now we know…and we all know how to finish that sentence.

Word from Hasbro PR is that the first round of the 2011 Q & A sessions are due into Hasbro on March 21st, which is a week from today.  Answers should be coming back by April 15th.  By the looks of things, there will be a total of 6 rounds.

So get your thinking caps on…what questions do YOU want to ask?

15 thoughts on “Hasbro G.I. Joe Q & A 2011 begins NOW.

  1. In light of the recent amazing finds at the discount retailers such as Ross, Marshall’s, TJ Maxx and Family Dollar, how does this type of distribution of merchandise affect the viability of the GI Joe toy line in the big box retail environment?

  2. I would want to ask about the whereabouts of the Slice and Dice figures they had mentioned in a previous Q&A. I would also like to ask if they are aware that Snake Eyes, Storm Shadow, and Duke are consistent peg-warmers, and if so, will that affect character slotting in future waves. (That’s basically a polite way of saying, “Enough with Duke and the Arashikage Sword Bros., lets see the second, and third-stringers get some love”.)

  3. I see Gi Joe has Asian, black, and other characters of different nationalities? How about having an openly gay character?

  4. When specifically did Wal-Mart (the leading toy-seller in the U.S.) decide to do its part to end the line again by not carrying G.I. Joe products?

  5. The gi joe renegades figures are great! I heard that the 30th ann line would only have 30 products, is this true?

  6. I’m with Dominic Rex. Will we see any more Dreadnok vehicles? Will we see the many holes in the Dreadnok line get filled, and if so, will they be based on the classic looks or follow the style of the new PoC Zartan? How about a Dreadnok boxed set ala the Cobra Island/Resolute sets…?

    At least throw us a new Thunder Machine…

  7. What happened to the last few episodes of Operation HISS?

    There were supposed to be 12 episodes, I think, coming out 1 episode a month. The Transformers equivalent finished up a while ago but the last Joe episode posted is 9 which means there’s like 3 minutes of content left unpublished. Don’t get me wrong, they’re not very good but I’ve already gone this far so I’d kinda like to see the ending.

  8. Will we see any new female GI Joe figures this coming year? I’d love to see Scarlett in the Renegades line and a Cover Girl (aside from the movie) in the 25th Anniversary line.

  9. Walmart does not carry G.I. Joe anymore. Ross, TJ Mazz and Marshalls have “cancelled” and excess G.I. Joe toys. Retail hunts for G.I. Joe product are just hit or miss anymore. Toys R Us seems to be one of the last hopes for G.I. Joe to be more than a memory of toys that used to be cool. What are the winning strategies that you can employ to keep it from oblivion?

  10. Does Hasbro have any plans to do a Lady Gaga versus Katy Perry line? You know, various incarnations of their outfits or maybe have them be a subline of the gi joe line?

  11. Will we see any new female GI Joe figures this year? I would love to see a Scarlett figure in the Renegades line and a Cover Girl (non-movie) figure in the 25th anniversary line.

  12. Why can I not find these awesome Waves of figures at ANY Walmart or Target in the entire PHX area? The last wave I was able to find was Wave 4 [ wave 2 2011 ] and then nothing? only 2 of the many Walmarts I’ve been to even carry any kind of GI Joe. It’s like they just vanished?! If I could order the figures from the HTS.com I wouldn’t mind…but they are not there either…..

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