G.I. Joe: Renegades Episode 13 “Brothers of Light” Promo Online

Took a few extra days after dealing with an ice storm and unexpected power outage, but GeneralsJoes is back online and uploading!

G.I. Joe: Renegades was also offline for a little while, taking about a three week break, and now they’re back with “Brothers of Light” an episode focusing some attention on Tomax and Xamot, the corsican twins!

I was finally able to snag the promo tonight, and it has now been posted to my YouTube Channel.  Check out the promo below.

Keep your eyes peeled to The Hub at 6:00pm Eastern this Friday!

Life sized XMLR3A coming from Pit Viper Studios!

It’s a Sunbow G.I. Joe fan’s dream come true!

Skinny from HissTank.com dropped a message to let me know that Pit Viper Studios is currently working on a life sized replica of the infamous XMLR3A laser rifle!  Joe fans would recognize this rifle as being the default weapon used by the Sunbow Joes that originally came with Snow Job.

Here are the details as passed along by Skinny:

“We are going to try to make it look and feel as much like a real weapon as possible while maintaining the toy esthetic. The toy was made to scale up to the size of a full-sized M-16, and we will be doing the same, putting the finished length at 1 meter. The grip and trigger are going to be reworked for a more realistic appearance, and the sights will be real gunsights (airsoft replicas, that is…) mounted on tactical rails for upgrade capabilities. The surface details will remain the same, but are going to be sculpted in the most realistic way we can to maintain a military weapon appearance. We’re also planning on integrating sling-mounts for a rifle sling, and a bayonet lug. It will be cast in a durable Urethane material in mil-spec black, and will have no moving parts.

This includes a full package of extras including a working bayonet lug that will mount a standard Army issue bayonet, sling mounts for a rifle sling, and three RAS (rail accessory system) mounts which will allow you to replace the sights, add a scope, flashlight, range-finder or any other piece of stock military hardware in a matter of seconds.

it will be priced at a mere $250 USD The prop studio is very excited about this as am I. considering I have had estimates that range from $500-$2800 USD for the same thing, this is a bargain.”

This sounds VERY cool.  How awesome would one of these look hanging from your wall?  Sounds like another great high end collectible to keep your eyes open for.  As I hear more information, I’ll be sure to pass it along!  Thanks to Skinny for the intel.

Reminder – Sideshow Collectibles Red Ninja figures are IN STOCK!

I know lots of folks are kinda geared up for the Cobra Commander Premium Format figure (or not…) but I just wanted to remind Joefans that the Sideshow Collectibles Red Ninja figure is IN STOCK and ready to ship!

They’ve even got the Exclusive version available.  This figure will be perfect alongside  your Sideshow Storm Shadow or facing off against Snake Eyes.  Click the banner below to hit up the pre-order page, and keep posted, the Cobra Commander pre-order should be posted shortly.

G.I. Joe Collectibles Red Ninja 12-inch Figure – Sideshow Exclusive Version

Red Ninja 12

Hubworld.com launches G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero section!

Nice!  Along with G.I. Joe: Renegades, the online home for The Hub, Hubworld.com has now launched a section devoted to G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero!  Featuring some awesome 80’s style artwork, video clips, and tons of other cool details, it’s a sure draw for any 80’s G.I. Joe fan.

Check it out right here!  Just try not to blow your entire work day looking at the site like I’m about to…