Carded images and bio’s revealed for latest Pursuit of Cobra assortments

GeneralsJoes sponsor has revealed new images of upcoming Pursuit of Cobra figures, including carded images and bios from the packaging!  These pictures are a bit higher quality than what we’ve seen previously and reveal some pretty cool details from the figures.  Check out the mirrored images below.

Pursuit of Cobra “Wave 5” (2011 Wave 3)

Pursuit of Cobra “Wave 6” (2011 Wave 4)

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15 thoughts on “Carded images and bio’s revealed for latest Pursuit of Cobra assortments

  1. Whoah! Hawk looks awesome carded. I wish his actual head sculpt had that old warrior grizzled lookthat the packaging art has, kind of a Mel Gibson from We Were Soldiers look. Excellent!

    That Viper is so close to perfect, yet so far. I do not like the fore arms. It’s a weird decision to go this route anyway since they went through all that trouble to replace the original ones, but I guess it’s a movement thing? These ones have the new wrist articulation I think.
    The legs are so much better than the 25th ones, which looked rather feminine and awkward. I would still of liked to see the original red on the inside of the legs, but it’s acceptable. Visro should be chrome though, and teh rifle either black or the original light grey.

    It’s amazing how everyone looks so much better carded, good thing each carded image is followed by a pic of them loose. lol.

    Iron Grenadier is a must. Could of been better colors but still, he looks very imposing.

    Like the previous PoC Cobra Commander from wave 1, only a gun held to my head will get me to buy this piece of garbage version of one of the most beloved characters in Joe history. Especially since we’ve already seen the work of art that is Renegades Cobra Commander.

    I see they improved Snake Eyes, which is nice, looks much better, though of course not as Snake Eyes.

    All in all, I’ll be looking for no more than half of these.

  2. A few hits, lots of misses. While the viper doesn’t have the same features of it’s 25 year old original version, I am extremely happy with this update! I want a dozen of them!

    The BAT is a little redeemed, but don’t know if it is enough.
    Cobra trooper looks good, General Hawk looks good – sort of, Steel Brigade – a Joe troop builder – cool! Iron Grenadier – interesting. The rest? I’ll have to see them in my hands before I buy them.

  3. Agreed on the Hawk cardart. That’s excellent. And the Viper does look like a chromed faceplate, doesn’t it?

    Cobra Trooper looks even better than before. Really excited about those.

    And the Cobra BAT is growing on me. Must be the damaged head, never got around to getting that version of the 25th.

    Looking forward to these!

  4. “And the Viper does look like a chromed faceplate, doesn’t it?”

    Not sure. I compared it to pics I had of the 25th regular one and chromed one and it looks a lot more like the regular one, but not exactly, so I’m not sure.

    They will definately sell many more if they have it chromed.

    And yes, I agree, the BAT does look better now that it has all it’s accessories and the damaged head. The card art really makes it look good, all in the middle of battle like that. Might pick one up MOC.

  5. The card art looks nice. But still, with the exception of Steel Brigade and the new Snake Eyes…I think not.

  6. you guys are seeing something in that snake eyes that im not.

    im in for

    Iron Grenadier
    and maybe…

    and that sucks….ill miss buying joes for a spell.

  7. Count me in for two of those Snake Eyes… Slice and Dice! Already have the Crazylegs and Hawk pre-ordered.

  8. I’m right there with you, LBAM. I’ve always hated the Steel Brigade concept, and I don’t even like Joe army builders that much, but both the standard Steel Brigade and the Delta Steel Brigade are way too cool for words. I’ll be grabbing a bunch of both (somehow).

    And I can understand some frustrations about the re-used parts, but it was either this or nothing at all. Joe was planned for a break until the Fall, so the fact that we got at least a handful of great figures in such a short time span is cool to me. These aren’t the same level as we’ve seen from PoC to this point, but I still think they’re pretty damn great given the turn around time and the resources.

  9. These waves grow on me a little more every time I see them.

    The only figures I’m not at least mostly sold on are Blowtorch and Croc Master, and that’s really only because they’re figures I already have with odd specialties that I cannot really use for custom fodder due to their textures. They do at least look to improve on the original releases, and I’ll gladly take the bombs and masada rifle that comes with blowtorch.

    It would be cool if could they modified the ammo belt/strap on the jungle bat so that it hangs lower on the production figure. I think its a nice detail that separates it from the standard bats, but it could impede articulation in its current state. The black head is also much better than the green one shown in some other, earlier test shots.

    I’ll definitely either be swapping Hawk’s head out or putting a beret on him and using him as Falcon if they don’t get something older looking, but the body and equipment look great.

    As it stands now, the Viper is nearly perfect in my opinion. If anything, I may paint the detailing on the arm guards grimy black to match the shoulder pads instead of the classic red.

    My only gripe about Rock Viper is that the head and helmet look amateurish in comparison to the rest of the figure, as the 4 year old parts look archaic compared to newer sculpts. Even just using a repainted Airborne helmet with the newer Beachhead or Alley/Jungle Viper heads would improve it drastically.

    Snake Eyes looks like an awesome mirage style Shredder custom waiting to happen.

  10. I was going to make a slight complaint about how this Hawk (like the 25th version) looks too young for me to believe him as a general, but I made a discovery that changes everything. Apparently, this is a brand new character — Ceneral Hawk (see pic 8 . . . ). Welcome to the Joes, Ceneral!

  11. MAN I love that B.A.T.. Then again, I’ve got at least one of each B.A.T. that they’ve put out (mostly), so I’m obviously a fan. I’m also glad to finally get that battle damaged head without having to buy the HoH version.

    Anyway, I’m really glad Snake Eyes is coming with Slice’s facemask! I was sorely missing that from the canceled comic pack. Need to build a Slice! Beyond that, though, I really do like the detail on his armor. If it wasn’t for his white skin, I’d say he’s make a great Ninja-Ku. One way or another, he’s gona make for a cool someone-other-than-Snake-Eyes.

    Still looking forward to the IG, but I wonder why he comes with two backpacks? Seems like one of those should have gone to Destro, since he doesn’t have a place for his bullet belt to…you know, get bullets from. Oh well; doesn’t matter. Those are gona make great Heavy IGs to fill in the ranks, and Destro is gona be my new S.A.W. Viper.

    Finally, I like the Viper, though I agree his arms are a little awkward. I also think he’s kinda sparse on the weapons…but I almost think that’s a good thing. We’ve been getting a lot of great accessories, but there’s an emphasis on “A LOT.” Shadow Tracker is one that takes it a little too far. So it’s kinda nice to get a Viper with one of the few well-done launchers and his classic rifle. Otherwise, in terms of army builders, I really wish I liked the Rock Viper better. I get what they were going for, but the head and helmet just feels lazy. Completely takes away the flavor of the Rock Viper. I want one, but I don’t think I’m gona get any more (and I’m gona try and see if I can make him more interesting with a head swap).

  12. So, SE…That Slice (or is it Dice?) head looks like it’s all scarred underneath. Hmm…

  13. I’m not the only one who noticed that, in his card art, CC’s colours are reversed (black jacket, blue slacks), right?

    Actually finally got convinced to cancel my pre-order for Wave 6… just don’t really need any more army builders the way my personal collection’s shaping up. I’ll grab Crazylegs from BBTS or something, but he might be common enough to just buy off the shelf. I’m somewhat surprised he wasn’t more accessory-heavy, truthfully.

    I think I’m going to grab a second batch of Wave 1, since both Hawk and Steel Brigade are quality good guy army builders. I’ll just hold my nose regarding CC.

  14. Too much repaints. Hasbro probably thought “well, we have these molds so let re-use them while we don´t have new (good) ideas”. Hope 30th have some good old friends back.
    My preorders are made for both waves but for sure croc master, blowtorch, viper and jungle bat will not stay too much time in my collection.

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