GeneralsJoes Reviews G.I. Joe: Infestation #1

Okay, time for me to be honest.  I really don’t give a crap about zombie stories.  Interestingly, I did find myself captivated by The Walking Dead, but I think that was more character and story driven rather than specifically zombie driven.

When IDW announced they were doing a mega cross-over event featuring zombies, I really wasn’t all that enthralled.  When they claimed it would all happen in continuity and somehow make sense…well, that got me at least a little bit interested.

So now we’ve gotten Infestation #1, and now G.I. Joe: Infestation #1.  How are the end results?

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Pricing details and release information for the R.A.H.C. guide revealed!

Enthusiastic Joefan James Kavanaugh has revealed more details about the upcoming release of his exciting R.A.H.C. Guide!  Tackling the years between 1997 and 2007, this guide reveals all of the awesome figures and vehicles that bridged the gap between then and now.  Some very cool and often overlooked gems will be revealed here…  without further adeu, here is the update straight from the horse’s mouth (so to speak!)

“Well the time has arrived, the moment you’ve all been waiting for… The R.A.H.C. Guide has been sent to the printer approved with changes and being prepared to print as we speak!!!  After a very long search to find the perfect combination of price and quality this specialized era of G.I. Joe requires, the R.A.H.C. Guide is priced at $40 and will debut at the 2011 G.I. Joe Convention!  This 172 page reference book fully exploring 689 Action Figures and 135 Vehicles and Playsets will be available in limited quantities so be ready to purchase yours as soon as possible.  Look for a member of the illustrious Springfield Country Club set up inside the main convention hall!! After the convention concludes, orders will be taken and payment instructions will be issued.

Let me kinda sit down and loosen my tie per se to tell ya that’s it’s been a long road.  When I first set down with this project, the general consensus was a guide on this subject matter wasn’t feasible.  I knew that if I set out to do this project, it’s gotta be done right.  My No. 1 goal was the make the perfect guide to specifically satisfy the “over the top fan-boy” in me and bring a quality product to the community.  While sporadically showing in progress samples to friends and collectors to obtain feedback, I knew I was on the right track.  I can’t thank them (i.e. you) enough and can’t wait to get this guide in your hands!”

Speaking as someone who has seen this book given birth, I can say that this was absolutely a labor of love for James and he put every ounce of himself into it.  Check it out at JoeCon 2011, you will NOT be disappointed.  I only wish I could be in attendance to check it out myself.  To see more details about this awesome looking book, click here.

Cobra will Rise again August 10, 2012

And the ride is officially ready to begin again.  SuperHeroHype is reporting that a release date for the G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra motion picture sequel has been announced for August 10, 2012.  This is a slight deviation from comments from Brian Goldner, Hasbro CEO, who indicated it would be 2013.  Of course, the release date announcement makes sense, given all of the casting news that has been flying around in recent days.

The real questions Joe fans will be asking is “what do we expect”?  All we know so far is a script has been written by the two scribes of “Zombieland”, Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick.  We also know that apparently director Jon Chu is getting his blockbuster debut opportunity.

Also, we know that apparently neither Sienna Miller nor Rachel Nichols will be reprising their roles.  It sounds like it’s a pretty safe bet that Joseph Gordon-Leavitt will be absent as well.  Goldner commented in the aforementioned interview that while Zartan’s story looks likely to continue into the sequel, but beyond that, it’s a clean slate, and I think for a lot of fans, that’s welcome news.

And yes, I know Rachel Nichols has said the only characters returning are Duke, Snake Eyes, and Storm Shadow, but I think fans are looking WAY too deep into that.  Trust me, I’m sure we’ll see Cobra Commander, Destro, and plenty more familiar faces, there may just be some casting differences.

Whatever the end result is going to be, information should start coming along any day now, and I welcome it.  Whether you loved the first film or not, I know I had a blast bringing the news to the fans, and I fully intend to continue that along with the sequel, regardless of my confidence in its success.