Curse you, ROSS STORES!!

Well, they’re at it again.  Ross, the bane of my collectors’ existence has once again scored a coup, this time with the previously released only in Canada Wave 3 of the Rise of Cobra Alpha vehicles.  This wave contains the Polar Shark Sub w/ Ice Storm, the Desert Rockslide w/ Dusty, the Tiger Claw ATV w/ Leatherneck, and the Lavapod w/ Volcano Viper.

Now, I’ve been able to get these, so really, I’m not feeling too wounded, but every time I hear about Ross getting these cool tail enders, I just get reminded how the nearest store is like 350 miles away.  The vehicles are retailing for about $8.99 apiece, just to twist that knife a bit deeper.

Thanks to GeneralsJoes regular Nas for the info, with confirmation pics at  If you have a Ross near you, GO GET ‘EM.

12 thoughts on “Curse you, ROSS STORES!!

  1. i got all four from a canadian ebayer for $42 shipped.

    sold the tiger claw for $12 and the desert rockslide (vehicle only) for $8.

    so, like justin, im not too irritated either.

  2. I just saw that K-Mart has them online. They were each $13.59. I was about to go my local store because it said they were there. Then I read this and now I’ll change my destination. Thanks for the heads up, yet again. Still, for those of you far from a Ross the K-Mart option might be more useful.

  3. Good lookin’ out, Justin!

    Out of the three Ross stores I and another local Joe chum checked, I only found these at one today. Mainly only wanted the Volcano Viper, but grabbed the others too. I’ll probably keep ’em…we’ll see. I’ll try and find more later this week.

  4. Oh god, I know how you feel. I’m around Chicago, there isn’t a Ross anywhere near me.

    To make it worse, I took a school trip to Atlanta last week and crossed about 3 Ross stores, but didn’t have the time to stop in any of them.


  5. @Hunter – I feel your pain, man. I live in Central Illinois and am tired of seeing Ross as the Hasbro clearing house. Personally, I’d rather they tossed all of this up on HTS instead.

  6. Ross, T.J. Maxx, Marshalls… all of them are playing to the “Cancelled G.I. Joe Toys” theme. Every time I go I find (a) something I wasn’t looking for, (b) nothing.

    But I got some really nice pillows for my sofa today :)

  7. Dudes!! I went to Ross yesterday and saw a bunch of Sand Serpents(night ravens)but what I did find and buy for $11.99 was a couple of the BLACK Hiss tanks!…weird, I saw the Polar Shark an Lava Pod in Mexico this past Christmas at a big retail store.

  8. Fred Meyer, you said it.

    I dont know any of the process of how Ross/TJMaxx/Marshalls ends up with this stuff…but i do know this….

    Stingers (and such) on HTS for even regular retail, wouldve fetched far more cash than selling to clearance stores.

  9. Have 3 Ross’ within 45 minutes of me and NONE of them have had ANY of these things whatsoever…and I have other people looking for them besides myself. So apparently not all Ross’ are getting them either. FYI.

  10. Many, many people on Hisstank ordered these from K-mart, and I didn’t hear of anyone actually getting them. They always got wave 1 or wave 2 Alpha vehicles. I wouldn’t count on K-mart to get them.

  11. Finally found a Polar Shark after many visits to Ross, even after reading your review I was not anticipating how small it really is, but you are right, very cool nonetheless. Reminds me a lot of the rocket coffins the monsters in Voltron used to arrive in!

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