So yeah, that whole Thundercats cartoon

Apparently the trailer debuted on Cartoon Network last night.

Ummm…  yeah.  Wow.

Looks very fantasy based, and so far, a lot of stuff taking place on Thundera, and not so much Third Earth.  Animation looks smooth and nicely done.  Bring it on.

10 thoughts on “So yeah, that whole Thundercats cartoon

  1. It looks to me like it’ll be some sort of political uprising… possibly similar to Keldor challenging Randor for control of Eternia in the 2002 He-Man series. Cats will take sides. The mutants will somehow be involved. Thundera will be destroyed. Only the ThunderCats will survive. Looks like we’ll see Lion-O’s father too! Very cool trailer!!

  2. Cool! I’m all in. I know, I know. GI Joe…but this looks very cool, and frankly, so do the toys. How will my wallet cope…?

    Thanks for posting!

  3. I’ve never been a Thundercats fan. It isn’t that I dislike it. It is that I’m just indifferent to it.

    This looks worth watching. I almost get that same feeling I had when the redone He-Man was coming out. It isn’t something I collect, but it is so entertaining that it was a must-see.

    After seeing the trailer, I’m going to watch the first few episodes for sure.

  4. Love the animation. Couldn’t be happier that a genuine Anime studio is helping produce this series. Now if Renegades only looked this good.

  5. They tried that already dumbass… it was called “G.I. Joe Sigma 6” and it sucked because anime sucks ass.

  6. Yeah, that’s all we need again… Sigma 6… childish anime nonesense where the eyes are too big, everybody is giving the piece sign, characters acting like their 5 years old, when they stand there’s always wind to make there hair and long clothes fly in the air, and something or anything happens… just stare and gawk like dumbasses…

  7. its caught my attention. I’ll watch at least the first few episodes and see how it goes.

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