3 thoughts on “Sideshow Collectibles Cobra Viper UP FOR PRE-ORDER NOW!

  1. Got my order of 2 of the exclusive version in though I did have a couple bumps in the order process reminding me of dealing with Mattycollector on MOTUC sale days. Nothing that drastic, just a simple database error that a refresh of the page fixed but it did give me a twinge of anxiety as I put the order through.

    Tempted to get a regular version to put one of the unmasked heads on but I’ll probably just end up kitting a Cobra Officer out or something.

  2. Mine went smoothly, but I can only afford one so I gots me an exclusive.

    Can’t wait, this will be my first Sideshow figure ever, so I’am pretty stoked.

    Any other South African Joe fans/collectors out there getting themselves into some sideshow goodness?

  3. The Exclusive version is sold out. The regular version is still available though. Tempted to throw another on preorder but at $135 a pop I think I’ll just stick with the two I got and save that money for the next figure.

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