G.I. Joe: Renegades future to be decided in March?

While I was perusing Toonzone earlier today I noticed a little tidbit that kinda flew under the radar with the investor conference call just prior to this year’s Toy Fair.

Apparently, in a discussion with investors about the future of The Hub and Hasbro’s entertainment properties, it was mentioned that “…second season of shows to be announced by the Hub in March”.  So yes, we’ve already heard about Transformers: Prime (mostly because the CGI modeling requires significant more lead time in production) and now it sounds like next month we could hear good news (hopefully) about G.I. Joe: Renegades as well.

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  • 788 Vs. Your name here

    allow me to be the first to say…

    i sincerely hope that renegades gets its Season 2.

    but 788…youve declared your dislike for the show at every turn…why would you take such a stance?
    i know that was probably the nicer version of what some of you are thinking.

    youre right…..i dont like the show. however, a fair amount of you do….and i respect those whose opinions about the show run fair.
    I may criticize Renegades, but, i have never questioned anyone’s like for the show. its hardly my place to do so.

    so, good luck Renegades fans…..good luck in getting the renewal you deserve. and know this…..when the announcement is made, yay or nay, i shall share in your emotion.

    Hey, this would be great with an American flag composited in the background with some patriotic music playing!

  • You take that talk somewhere else 788! You’re not allowed to respect our opinions on the internet!


  • Andrew Hall

    If it makes you feel better 788, I’ve fallen out of ‘like’ for the show. It’s pretty much the same recipe every week and the A-Team storyline is starting to wear on me. I’m anxious (and hopeful) for the storyline to advance where the Joes are once again a Spec Ops. Unit.

  • 788 Vs. Your name here


    c’mon! im trying here! a kinder, gentler 788…BLECH! i do mean what i said though…and at the very least, its great to see any kind of attention to GI Joe.

    @andrew hall….

    couldnt agree more. the very core of what (my era of) GI Joe is has been totally removed….the team. also, a name check every week with a witty line after it…Christopher Lavingne still believes in “Law and Order”…or “if anyone can break the code, its you”…(are you kidding me?) does not add any cohesion to “my” GI Joe, as far as im concerned.
    say what you will about the movie, and i admit, it wasnt perfect (id know after watching it 18 times)….but,at the very least they kept the essence of what GI Joe is……a team of operatives.

    though i do admit…..Nicky Lee in Renegades is awesome…i really enjoy him.

  • Heron

    The only way this show doesn’t get a second season will because of it’s lame ass fans. That’s not going to happen Andrew Hall… somehow the Joes and Cobra fighting each other in a huge battle fields, which has been done to death in every G.I. Joe cartoon and comic book, somehow that’s more appealing????? That’s just boring, predictable and nothing new and different.

    Also, somehow every superhero show that has the same plot of a bad guy wanting to take over or destroy a city or world… somehow doesn’t get old… hypocrites

    Does this mean we don’t have to see 788 crying every two seconds????… one can only hope…

  • Maxx

    This very, very small group of so-called GI Joes fans… no one should in anyway think they represent the whole fan base or the new fans that this show is making… because it doesn’t.