More images from the Hasbro G.I. Joe Presentation Slideshow

With a big thanks to The Terror Drome who clued me in to the fact that Hasbro had included the presentation slides with their images they sent along yesterday, and I just never dug deep enough!  Apologies all around.

Below are the images from Hasbro’s Joe presentation, which gives the assortment lowdowns, the release dates, and some press images that have not yet been revealed.  Two headed Renegades Cobra Commander FTW!  ;)

20 thoughts on “More images from the Hasbro G.I. Joe Presentation Slideshow

  1. Are there 2 upcoming Firefly’s coming? The one posted earlier looks nothing like the one on the slideshow.

  2. Definitely looking forward to what 2011 is brining. The Renegades figures look nice, but it’s the Viper, Iron Grenadier & Techno Viper that I’m looking forward to most (though I will have to be careful and not pick up a Skystriker, hehe).

  3. Man I hope they go with the Firefly shown at the show floor, the one in the slides sucks ass. Horrible colors.

    I haven’t seen the epsiode with Firefly yet, which one looks more like his Renegades appearance?

  4. Anyone else notice that the pic for the Cobra card art is a PoC Alley viper? Does that mean a re-issue coming up for the Army Building waves that everyone prays for?

    One can hope :)

  5. @hawkwinter
    The one above is highly accurate. No camo’ or covered nose in the toon.

    Watch it here

  6. Dammit! I want the one that is shown at Toy Fair, the white one, it’s awesome. This one…simply isn’t.

  7. firefly was camo’d in the show………..after he blew up and was spot-singed like Wile E. Coyote.

    i liked his look in that episode……but the episode itself…..sigh.

  8. havnt seen this asked………

    those Low-Light & Alley Viper cards…….simply mock-ups or implication that a card change is coming with revision waves?

    oh…and those two that teletran asked too!

  9. Thanks for the great coverage Justin. I’m wondering the same thing as 788 is, does that mean Low-Light will be rereleased on that new card?

  10. Both versions of Firefly look good they just need to do away with the exposed nose, and while they’re at it lets get masks on some the Cobra soldiers. That’s my only gripe, minor as it is, with the show otherwise I love it they’ve really outdone themselves with Renegades.

  11. This Viper, if you look at the pictures, has the same fore arms and hands as Low Light and the Jungle Viper. Fixed isn’t what they are, they are TOTALLY AWESOME.

  12. 2012 is the anniversary, but I read… somewhere (don’t remember where) that the Hasbro rep at the show mentioned that 2012 was going to be focused on the movie sequel, so they were starting early. Something like that.

  13. Ah, the Count is correct. Excellent.

    And Fogger I remember reading that somewhere too. I think it makes sense. 30th anniversary will run from Fall of ’11 until Spring of ’12, and then Summer of ’12 will be the movie figures.

  14. No, 2012 will not be focused on the movie sequel. The movie isn’t even coming out until 2013.

    I believe the plan for “30 for 30” was to release a line leading up to the 30th anniversary to celebrate all different era’s of Joe. I would expect this line to probably continue through 2012. The movie stuff would most likely start transitioning in 2013.

  15. So, any word on when the Mechs we saw last year will release ? I really wanted the Minotaur with the Desert scorpion !! This looks like alot of repaints and kit bashing. And General Hawk has a totaling non descript face, I may use the POC Duke head for him, that one was one of the best head sculpts ever

  16. Want:

    GiJoe: Hazard Viper, Techno viper(this years army builder for me), steel brigade. Maybe Rock Viper.

    30 for 30: Sci Fi and Zarana.

    Transformers: Crankcase and Shockwave

    Star wars: Dom Anon

    Jaksware Mortal Kombat: ALL the 1/18th scale ones.

    This year is only Mortal Kombat figures for me. Gi Joe is a huge disappointment. More vipers and other lame builders.

    Otherwise, I am not buying that many toys. I don’t need all this crap. I am happy with 25th Cobra Troopers and Vipers. No need to get these horrible PoC kitbashes and they are horrible. It’s utter crap.

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