Before I start the trek home… more detailed images of Zarana

Man… Toy Fair day can be such a blur that sometimes you miss the important details.  I got some shots of Zarana, for sure, but a huge thanks to Augie Pires for passing along these shots that his brother took on site at the show yesterday, including a shot of the Zarana variant’s back.  Her “Cold Slither” band t-shirt has the town names on it.

So, so cool.  I need these figures.  Both of them.  If they can’t make SDCC, I seriously hope Hasbro finds a way to include BOTH of them in the regular assortments.  I hated the Zarana figure as a kid, these are two Zarana I can be proud of.

Well, if a toy of a girl with a torn shirt and exposed midrif is something anyone can be proud of, anyway…  Thanks again to Augie for passing these along, and to Anibal for taking the pics!  You guys rock.

8 thoughts on “Before I start the trek home… more detailed images of Zarana

  1. If this makes it to the main line, I hope we see Zandar as well. Both versions of these figs are cool and I certainly hope I’m able to acquire both.

  2. Much nicer than the original RAH one – the 25th format figure seems more amenable to producing females in. I do hope they’ll do a Zandar too, and that this Zarana won’t just be an exclusive – exclusives are depressing to those of us outside the US.

  3. Not sure how to feel about this one.

    Absolutely awesome sculpt and cool variation. But as an SDCC exclusive it’s a slap in the face of Joe fans, since we obviously can’t all go to the Con.

    Now I know what Slaughter fans are so mad about.

  4. Man I love this take on Zarana both versions are beyond awesome, I need them both two of each actually. I was so pissed when I heard they where exclusives that really sucks, I still don’t have a Sarge to open from that debacle last year hopefully things will be different this time.

  5. how do i get the cold slither version without going to the con i can’t find one online? also is the the regular one gonna be a regular release?

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