More Toy Fair intel – Storm Shadow, Stalker, and Sci Fi play covert ops

Ummm… wow?

I just spent several hours at the fan presentation, and then a few more hours taking pictures during the showroom tour, and I never saw any figures for Stalker, Sci-Fi, or Storm Shadow.  So I finally get to a landline here and “surprise!”

Judging by appearance, I’d estimate these guys are falling within the “30 for 30” lineup later on in the year.  They weren’t in the online pre-orders, and weren’t in the slideshow presentation, so that’s what I’m thinking.

For anyone who missed them, here are the official Hasbro press pics:

Stalker looks to be a great update to our favorite Army Ranger, using Snake Eyes parts with the Resolute head sculpt!  Bad ass.  Sci-Fi looks pretty incredible as well, and fills another important hole in the 1986 lineup.  Lastly, Storm Shadow is obviously a Renegades inspiration, but he looks even cooler here than he does in the cartoon.  Love it.

10 thoughts on “More Toy Fair intel – Storm Shadow, Stalker, and Sci Fi play covert ops

  1. The Stalker is nice, but pretty similar to the 25th version. The Sci-fi is cool. A re-imagining would have been better, though. And we’ve seen so many Storm-shadows this last decade that all look very similar to that.

  2. Wow, These look really nice. I like that alternate helmet for Sci Fi. I also like what appears to be a new take on Stalker’s classic machine gun. Not sure how I feel about using the Resolute headsculpt for the Stalker, though. But I could always pop the 25th head on there, I suppose. : )

  3. I’m really liking all three of these figs. Stalker is awesome!!! Replacing my Reso version as the default. Its cool to see Sci-Fi for sure. I even really like that Storm Shadow, has great accessories. On a side note, anyone else having problems viewing the rest of this site beyond this post?

  4. Not really liking the Resolute head on Stalker, there, but VERY NICE reuse of the Snake Eyes mold, there.

    Sci-Fi is, as always, proof incarnate that most fans are hypocrites about neon and lasers in GI Joe.

    Storm Shadow is a pretty nice looking figure, very much the ‘Sideshow inspired’ counterpart to the recent Snake Eyes, but I’ve always preferred the Joe version of Tommy. And it really doesn’t have the WOW factor of the corresponding Snake Eyes.

  5. STORM SHADOW HAS A FAN. Is it to stop him from flaming? Me thinks do or is it me twinks so? Either way. FABULOUS!

    With that Dreadnok motorcycle rider Head, business suit destro, and the fan of the Storm Shadow. I CAN FINALLY MAKE KARL LAGERFALD! You know fabulous world famous fashion designer? Uhh no. You don’t? You suck.

    Sci Fi is awesome. But you already knew that.

  6. My favorite Joe of all times done justice!

    The toy gods have blessed me today.

    Sci-Fi cannot arrive soon enough. Oversees sellers take heed, I will pay a LOT of money to have that Sci-Fi in my possession as soon as possible.

    Somebody has told me there were others figures revealed as well, I didn’t notice…at least not yet. Give it 24 hours or so.

  7. The figures they showed clearly were painted prototypes, and not the best work I’ve seen from Hasbro’s show-boat. It seems like the Toyfair 2011 stuff was barely ready. The press pictures for Resolute/PoC Stalker, classic Sci-Fi and neo-classic Storm Shadow look dandy and are probably all you got because they are still in the design phase at the time of press. They’ll hit when they hit.

    Is Hasbro going to do separate cases of Renegades product and standard product, or will they ship together and mixed the way Classic and Resolute did in 2008? The way stores stock things around here, either way will be a headache unfortunately.

  8. That’s right Count Blacktron. Storm Shadow does look like a dandy. He’s like Oscar Wilde learned to be a ninja.

  9. Twink, an Uncle Karl figure would have to come with an accessory plaything. Karl never roughs it alone.

    Considering what Hasbro released as “Ninja Force” a figure in plum taffeta doesn’t seem that beyond the pale.

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