More Jungle B.A.T. images than I would care to count

Gyre-Viper is at it again…or more appropriately, has been at it again, since he posted these images a few days ago.  I hadn’t jumped on the bandwagon yet because, well…. honestly?  I’m not all that wild about the Jungle B.A.T.  I think it looks kind of silly, actually.  Some cool attachments could save it, but if it comes with the same three attachments we’ve all seen ad infinitum, I will be severely disappointed, especially considering the Pursuit of Cobra greatness we’re currently surrounded by.

Granted, it’s part of an assortment that wasn’t supposed to exist 6 months ago, so the fact that Hasbro whipped up some repaints and filler figures to keep Joe fans interested until the real stuff hits in August is something we all have to consider.  If the Jungle B.A.T. (and other figures alongside it in the early part of the year) is a bit lackluster, I wouldn’t expect that to indicate some sort of downward spiral.  I think we’ll see some awesome stuff at Toy Fair, Joe Con, and SDCC.

Check out the mirrored images below.

17 thoughts on “More Jungle B.A.T. images than I would care to count

  1. I’d love to see some really cool attachments with this guy, like some kind of chainsaw or other bladed implement to cut through the jungle. But unless they’ve been planning these longer than we think the best we can probably hope for is the inclusion of the spores canister along with the regular attachments.

  2. Because Hasbro has stated many times that the line would be “relaunching” in the fall of 2011 (which is essentially August). These two waves recently revealed were a surprise.

  3. I thought in the October Q&A they said they had no plans to relaunch, and that PoC would continue?

  4. Yeah, this is where I got it:

    TNI: The G.I.Joe Pursuit of Cobra line seems to be going over well with collectors. I know at Joe Con this past summer you said that POC would continue for a few months and then you would switch to toys based on the Renegades cartoon. Is there any chance you will continue to do POC alongside Renegades stuff for collectors?

    Hasbro: G.I. Joe product inspired by characters and themes from the upcoming G.I. Joe Renegades series on the Hub will be available in Fall 2011. The figures will be offered in the Pursuit of Cobra line and will have the highly-detailed, realistic look of the line.

  5. Neat! Still liking him. Then again, I’ll get any B.A.T.s. I’ll admit, though: I’m only getting one of these, just to have him. I’m really waiting for a brand new B.A.T., which I hope we get sometime soon. They need another redesign.

  6. Right, PoC is continuing, but as a “relaunch” (of sorts) with some Renegades stuff mixed in, etc… it was initially slated to continue on in Fall, 2011, as the Q & A says, but now they’ve gotten some filler waves prepped for spring release.

  7. not so sure how great toyfair reveals will be….look at those “surprise” waves…
    thats a list of quick repaints and kitbashes. to me, it feels like hasbro is slapping a bunch of figures into two waves as to not repeat that span of nothing that occured last year between Roc and Poc.

    im sure itll be great figures and of course any Joe is better than a lull….but my feeling is they will lean more towards styling of 25th rather than PoC. (and thats not really a bad thing, now is it?)

  8. Please Hasbro– if you’re reading this, NO MORE REPAINTS! Part of what has severely diminished my interest in Joe toys is the endless stream of repaints and reissues. The BAT was done multiple times in the 25A line. For POC, don’t just recolor and reissue– give us something to make this stand out from other versions.

    The same goes for the vehicles– no more reissues of the AWE Striker or the Snow Cat ever again. Seriously– they’re done and the fans own a plethora of each now. Just stop it and show us some more of the fantastic creativity that went into the PoC releases.

    I don’t expect much from the “surprise waves” but the Fall offerings better dazzle us.

  9. If these are nothing but filler waves thats alright, as long as they look cool. Plus another character never done before in modern scuplt, Crazy Legs will be nice to get, same with Rock Vipers. Another Snake Eyes is lame however. This junge bat doesn’t really interest me either. May pick one up depending on accessories however. I’m looking forward to Saturday though to see what they have in store for us, and than I’ll be able to give a solid opinion on the figs.

  10. Anybody else think the Cobra Trooper may just be a Cobra Shock trooper with different gear and head?

  11. So these will warm the pegs until the figures people really want are out, and then Hasbro will have to cancel/delay the “new” stuff until those old repaints are sold or clearanced off? I’ve done this dance before.

  12. It’s one repaint. I am sure it’s gonna come with new gear.

    THE SKY IS NOT FALLING. Hasbro is not a dominate top.

  13. Dear Hasbro,

    I will wait to see a figure in its package with its gear until making a judgment. I’m not super-enthusiastic about these photos, but please keep doing what you need to do in order to keep the line profitable so that more characters can be released; if that means repaints, kitbashes, and re-uses of molds (because it DOES mean that, and all of us know it) then please keep doing so. Likewise, please keep ignoring the people who don’t even try to think about the up-front costs of all the new tooling they are constantly bitching for.


  14. What is that “Ecto-BAT” in the pic second from the right? I really hope it isn’t a custom, because it’s tripping a Ghostbusters/GI Joe crossover switch I didn’t even know I had.

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