Sunbow Awesomeness courtesy of new G.I. Joe fansite

Well, the site is new, but the guy behind it has been around for a long while.  David Thornton was the brains behind Quick Kick’s Theatre, one of the classic Joe sites from a bygone era, focusing attention on the Sunbow animated series.  He migrated to, but then took a little break from the online Joe community for a bit to focus on other ventures.

Well, Mr. Thornton has jumped back into the Joe community with a splash, launching a fantastic site at!

As part of this new series launch, we get an awesome glimpse at a storyboard for an unused opening for the second season of the Sunbow animated series!  A fantastic glimpse into the production process.  Check that out right here.

Very cool, and a site worth bookmarking.  Check back often.

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