Big Bad Toy Store goof reveales more 2011 G.I. Joe product?

So, the listing has since been jettisoned to the archives of internet history, but an eagle-eyed reader on spotted the following information, listed as “G.I. Joe 2011 Series 3“.  The following names are listed among the product:

  • Snake Eyes Temple Guardian
  • Crazy Legs
  • Croc Master
  • Rock Viper
  • Viper
  • Iron Grenadier

Interestingly, none of these listings match up with earlier revealed listings from Diamond, which indicates the Diamond listings are for a later wave, or things are still very much in flux.  So at this point, who knows what’s coming?  I know one thing for sure…we’ll find out more on February 12th when the Hasbro Collector Event at Toy Fair rolls into New York City.  And I’ll be there to get the info.

15 thoughts on “Big Bad Toy Store goof reveales more 2011 G.I. Joe product?

  1. Just wanted to chime in with what little I know of the situation.

    All three of the comic shops in my area have wave 3 on their list of pre-orders (three different suppliers) as GIJoe AF 201103 and it includes the previous list with Jungle BAT. Since they got in wave 4 and it was coded GIJoe AF 201102. I would think that the previous list is the next wave.

    Maybe this new one is the wave after? Either that or Hasbro completely changed what was in the box. You know, finally made use of that “contents subject to change clause”. lol

  2. This is the first time in quite a while where we have no idea what’s coming out aside from names……and it’s a great feeling! Let the speculation run rampant!

  3. Gotta say though, put both these lists together and we’re getting Jungle BAT, Cobra Solider, Viper, Iron Grenadier and Rock-Viper all within a month or two of each other???? Army-builder overload! Does Hasbro know we need to eat too????

    Crazy Legs, Croc Master, Blowtorch…what wonderfully obscure characters to throw in there instead of another Storm Shadow or Destro.

    Even Temple Guardian Snake Eyes at least sounds cool.

  4. I’m not going to lie I can’t wait to get my hands on croc master. I hope he comes with the rifle with an under slung flamethrower like he had in the cobra mini series :P

  5. Andrew Hall said : “I wonder if the Viper is going to be fashioned after the IDW one.”

    Didn’t they say that IDW exists in its own universe and they were not planning on making any toys based on IDW designs?

  6. I agree with Hawkwinter, that’s an awful lot of Cobra Troop builders, especially if they are as awesome as the Alley Viper and Shock Troopers! Interesting list however, with the exception of Snake Eyes, no way they can surpass the wave 3 one.

  7. Wasn’t Croc Master hinted at in the most recent Q&A sessions? Could be cool. In fact, other than the Snake Eyes, this wave sounds pretty awesome.

  8. It’s nice to have something to speculate about. If any of these end up being as awesome as the Pursuit of COBRA figures from the wave 3 2010 set and the wave 1 2011 set, then we have much to fear in the way of expense and the hunt.

    If however they reek of the lackluster that any figure following those waves might suffer, well, then we are in trouble. Things have been building so high with the development and designs of the latest figures, I feel that either I can only be let down, or I’ll be eating Ramen in order to afford more.

  9. This lineup also sounds awesome. I keep trying to imagine what PoC versions of these guys might look like.

    Crosshair, I agree that this is exciting not knowing what is coming! I am actually going to be surprised!

  10. I think it reads like a filler wave, honestly. Maybe some new accs and a few new parts. Hasbro can EASILY whip up a Crazy Legs from all the airmen and paratroopers over the past few years, Rock Viper’s body is pretty generic, so it only needs a head and some accessories (assuming it’s even an ARAH-style Rock-Viper and not some re-imagined version), and the other four we’ve already had at least once.

    I’m pretty much okay with that, to be honest. There’s been so many cool figures lately that I feel like we need a break. Also, Hasbro’s done some REALLY cool stuff with repaints and filler before. I’m additionally kind of hoping that the SE is the NOT SLICE version from the canceled comic pack. Would be nice to finally get him to pair with my NOT DICE Storm Shadow.

    Come to think of it, I wouldn’t put it past them to slip that canceled Iron Klaw (Trooper) in as the IG… it’s about 80% IG Destro already!

  11. Crazy-Legs

    will be a repaint/mod of the Jungle Viper.
    i said this to my self when i first got the JV
    take a look at the base figure and you will see what i mean, the quilted padding is there already

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