G.I. Joe: Renegades Episode 9 “Dreadnoks Rising” online at Hubworld.com

Continuing their trend of posting the latest episodes online, The Hub has now uploaded the ninth episode of G.I. Joe: Renegades.  Introducing fan favorites Zartan and the Dreadnoks, Episode 9 has the Renegade soldiers helping out a small Kansas town when the Dreadnoks take it over for their own nefarious purposes.

Check out the latest Renegades episode is nice high definition right here.

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  • LockOn

    1. The old Dreadnoks were likeable. Perhaps it was because they were a little goofy or maybe it was their accents and love for grape soda and jelly doughnuts. These new guys are just plain nasty.

    2. There is no way Snake Eyes would lose against these guys. Do you think he did it on purpose?

    3. Flint is one of my most favorite characters in the Joe universe but I don’t like his attitude in this. I can see him being a no non-sense, get-the-job-done guy but it seems like he’s got a grudge against Duke. And from the episodes we’ve seen so far, I don’t see why he should.

  • Heron

    The old Dreadnoks were dumb as hell in every way… talk about kiddy crap… that’s not how a biker gang should act. The new ones are far more realistic.

    “These new guys are just plain nasty”

    Well DUH! That’s how such a gang should act

    I keep hearing from G.I. Joe that Snake Eyes is “too tough” and “too invincible” and that he needs to be “beaten” by someone… well it happen and what did Joe fans do???? They whine and complain… as they always do.

    This is just pitiful

  • Ben

    Judging by how he suddenly escaped from his chains and casually smacked Zartan around, I’d say Snake Eyes let himself get caught to buy Wendy some time to escape.

  • Praetorian

    A pitiful fan base… well no shit… where the hell have you been????

    Both Zartan and Dreadnoks needed to be redone

    But it’s also a fan base full of hypocrites. There were so many things wrong and inaccurate with the Sunbow series, the DiC series, The Rise of Cobra film and Resolute but most of the fan base doesn’t care and no one here is going to say a thing about that. But they’ll be damned if there going to tolerate it with Renegades. But why is that? It’s because “image” and “looks” matters to them. The writing can be pure crap on all levels but as long as the “characters look cool”… everything else (comic book canon) can go hell…

    Even though writer Henry Gilroy stated that the characters (Zartan included) would be evolving as the series progresses, these fans don’t know what that means and they have no interest in such things like character development.