Rise of Cobra “Sand Serpent” Night Raven repaint dead? Not so fast, my friend…

Wow.  The hits just keep on coming for Ross stores…  on the heels of the surprising find of the believed to be canceled Wave 3 Target Exclusives, Phil, a contributor for YoJoe.com has stumbled upon something even more shocking.

The Night Raven repaint revealed at SDCC in 2009, labeled as the “Sand Serpent”!  Like the Target Exclusives, Hasbro reported this item as being canceled, but again like the Target Exclusives, Ross begs to differ.

Purchased for an astounding $15.99, here’s yet another thing to send Joefans scrambling…either for their nearest Ross store, or for their nearest buddy who might live NEAR a Ross Store.  Kudos to Phil for finding this!

30 thoughts on “Rise of Cobra “Sand Serpent” Night Raven repaint dead? Not so fast, my friend…

  1. As a guy who bought a Nigh Raven for 19.99 and loved it, I don’t really think this is worth it. Then again, I don’t live ANYWHERE near a Ross and that might be why.

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  3. Lol, well I was not expecting this.

    Time to start going through the list of canceled vehicles to see what else might come out. Wasn’t there another Armadillo repaint that was seen at one of the Cons?

  4. Cool!

    The new Night Raven was one of the few things I really loved when the new RoC stuff first came out, this desert variant is perfect!

    I love environmentally themed stuff, hence my love for PoC. Another thing to keep me from buying food. Sigh.

  5. Like Hawkwinter, I loved the RoC Night Raven. I think it’s a fantastic update to the original concept. Unlike Hawkwinter, though, I’m just not into environment-specific vehicles or figures. I have a small collection of toys with an arctic theme, but they’re mostly for going outside and taking photos when we get snow (which is usually once or twice a year here, if that). The desert stuff isn’t for me.

  6. You are in luck!

    Up on E-Bay already. 2 of them. Only $60 plus shipping!


    Hopefully someone kind will offer them at a much more reasonable price soon.

  7. Ross again? That sucks. The only reason I’ve ever heard of Ross is because of GI Joe. Why not TJ Maxx, atleast I have those around here.

  8. The jet was cool, but I was really looking forward to the Star Viper figure. The original SV was one of my all time favorites and the Star Viper story in the comicbook was awesome!!

  9. This is more proof that Rise of Cobra, and the overall G.I. Joe franchise, is doing well. If things were so bad, we wouldn’t see this at retail. But we do, and it’s further proof that G.I. Joe remains popular.

  10. Derrick, I don’t understand your logic re: how this proves that Rise of Cobra is doing well. Wouldn’t this have been a mass release if that was the case, and not sold to a secondary/discount retailer? It’s far more likely that these were taking up space in a warehouse somewhere and needed to be moved before they cost someone at inventory time, than any proof of a line that’s already ended is still doing well.

  11. Yeah. This is a clear sign that RoC did awful. I don’t know what it means about the PoC vehicles being there, though. Those sold out everywhere around here by Christmas.

  12. Yeah, it does suck that the only VAMP or Rage I ever saw on store shelves was in a Ross, a retailer of factory close-out items. And these are great toys! Does it mean we’ll never see them on a shelf at TRU or Target? Probably. So, what does that bode for future vehicle releases?

    RoC did a number on retailers, and I think they’re burned. Hopefully, when (and if) we see Renegades product, the existence of a show will lead retailers to believe in the brand again. I really think that PoC is looked down on by retailers simply because of the lack of advertising.

    I’ve been in many local bands, and clubs won’t touch original music, at least not with $$$. Now, I’m in a ridiculous cover-band, and we get offers hand-over-fist. Why? Because the bands we cover are known draws, and have a built-in audience. i.e., advertising. I think it’s the same with PoC. Great toys with no TV muscle telling kids how great they are.

    Its like the DTC line…I had NO idea that they even existed until after they were all gone, because I was out of touch with the internet Joe community and Hasbro wasn’t telling me about the stuff on TV. Also, my head was elsewhere, but whatever.

    Anyhow, I’m glad we’re seeing some of this stuff, but you gotta be fast, and that sucks. Two Ross stores last night, and I didn’t see one of these, but I did spot more VAMPS, Rages and another HISS. I left ’em, because I think I have enough, but I’m Oh-so tempted to pick them up to satisfy the internet demand, and that sucks. The fact that these toys will not reach a huge majority of Joe fans apart from internet scalping is a shame to the designers and the fans.

    end rant. Happy Thursday!

  13. @Nas

    You bring up a point that has had me very concerned about any big time success for the GIJoe line. At least the original few waves of RoC were based on something people cold identify with. While I can appreciate the new PoC toys for their incredible workmanship they will always lack the attachment I feel for the originals because I don’t know these characters, or even the versions of existing characters they have. The toyline is ignoring the comics completely as they did with DDP as well. DDP however embraced many of the SpyTroops toys and gave me something to work with there, so even though anatomy was way off on most figures in that line I have a special place in my heart for the Spy Troops stuff.

    I think Hasbro needs to creat a Pursuit of Cobra comic or cartoon (not likely). On the other hand, making the line Renegades based may be the better marketing strategy which they originally said they would do but in the last Q&A kind of went back on saying a few figures will be based on Renegades but look like PoC toys.

    That makes ME happy, but if they were really trying to establish a new youthful market wouldn’t they have a pure Renegades line out now? So that kids who like the cartoon can find their favorite characters on toy shelves? Looking like they do in the cartoon?

    I don’t see the line anywhere near ending so this push to get old RoC product and even fairly newly released PoC stuff out the door ASAP is a good sign. They are making room for the new stuff as well as making collectors really happy. Even if they are just cleaning house and getting leaner it’s still good, more attention to the bottom line should translate into better toys for us. Maybe fewer, but better toys. We’ve been seeing it already. Figures like Snake Eyes (wave 3) and Lowlight are light years ahead of other figures. Not only has detail on figures gone up but we’re now getting figures that are worth buying just to get all the cool accessories, unlike the original RoC figures where most of the accessories could be thrown in the garbage right out of package.

    I don’t see the current flood of RoC cancelled items as a good sign for RoC fans at all. I see it as Hasbro trying to get rid of what is left of that phase of GIJoe and make room for the new stuff coming, maybe movie related, maybe cartoon realeted, or just more PoC. Personally, I’d like to see all three with a classic line thrown in for good measure. I know I’m totally dreaming, but you know what I’m getting at.

    And to add to Nas’s end comment, the reason we’re not seeing PoC toys in all stores is because lots of stores got burned badly by RoC and still have those toys taking up shelf space. Hopefully Hasbro can pull things together and get renewed interest before whatever they have planned for the 30th anniversary, that they are so excited about, releases to stores.

  14. With figures based on Renegades being planned in the PoC style, I think getting the colors and uniform designs close will be enough for most kids. Our JOEs and Transformers weren’t stylized to match animation, and it didn’t matter to us. I’m definitely hoping for a Tunnel Rat that matches his Renegades look, and I just don’t see kids being so picky as to say, “The sculpts don’t match the character designs exactly!” I’ll be surprised if toys inspired by the cartoon are released without a Renegades logo featured prominently on the packaging, and I don’t think many of us – aside, of course, from a vocal minority – collectors would care one bit if the “Pursuit of Cobra” name was omitted.

    Having said that, new toys definitely need to have an obvious connection to Renegades, and I’m certain everyone is Hasbro is well aware of this. There would be little point to the cartoon otherwise.

    And personally, I thought some of the RoC figures (especially Paris Pursuit Baroness and the Pit Commando) were the beginning of Hasbro packing in great accessories. The weapons that came with most of the 25th Anniversary figures were fun for nostalgia, but I wanted mine armed with more modern gear. That wasn’t a problem with Marauder around, but the RoC line is when I finally started to get more guns that I actually wanted to display. I wasn’t too keen on some of the stuff that looked like laser rifles and pistols with a few of them (mostly early figures, to which I believe Hawkwinter was referring), but others had great gear. Even beyond weapons, the harness that came with Scarlett and the laptops were killer.

  15. Fogger,

    You can rant; I continue to laugh. How many of you live in a vacuum? 2009 was an economic downturn, beyond the toy market. Many people didn’t purchase a lot of Rise of Cobra toys, because they couldn’t afford to. I remember well, people complaining about the price points. Furthermore, Target, TRU, and other outlets are feeling the online movement. If ROC was such a disaster, you wouldn’t see these products in the States; BUT WE DO!! Remember, Hasbro has Transformers – which it co-owns with Takara, and Marvel – Spider-Man, Iron Man 2, Marvel Universe. Yes, Pursuit of Cobra has a smaller space in Target; but it has a nice presence at TRU. And online, Hasbro and other outlets are getting their share of the G.I. Joe profits.
    So yeah…you rant, and I laugh. You guys are like a bunch of Chicken Littles, screaming “The sky is falling!”
    And as for Hawkwinter – Hasbro did have a tie-in for Pursuit of Cobra…IT WAS CALLED G.I. JOE: THE RISE OF COBRA THE GAME!!! It has the arctic, desert, and jungle environments; the Snow Cat; HISS Tank; Snow Job, Recondo, and Dusty as supporting characters/environmental advisors; and BeachHead is playable. The Cobra Fury/Rage is akin to the Crimson Attack Tank; the Serpent Armored Troops are like the Cobra Deviant; and the Alley Vipers and Cobra Shock Troopers are similar to the MARS Shield Troopers and Assault Troopers. The game was an update of THE M.A.S.S. DEVICE miniseries, with the brief addition of the Weather Dominator from THE REVENGE OF COBRA. Had you and other fans bothered to play the video game, you would have found it was the perfect tie-in to not just the movie, but the Pursuit of Cobra line as well.

  16. @CC

    Yeah, no problem putting the Renegades logo on there. It will definately help parents get the right figures, which is important. I still haven’t seen a single episode of this series because the online ones just endless load and never play for me. So my opinion on this matter has been shelved for the time being.

    And the Pursuit of Cobra name is just kind of a side note really as it doesn’t even mention it on the front of the package. Not sure, but I don’t think anyone really cares that much about that part as long as the level of detail continues and the realistic look lots of the figures are getting stays with the line. Besides, most would probably like to break away from the environmental themes.

    Regarding the accessories in earlier RoC waves. I did like more and more of it as it went along but mainly the problem wasn’t what they included but the lack of detail and form in most of them. PoC still suffers from some of that as well. For instance, many of the rifles were extremely flat and had very basic molding compared to what we are seeing now. In addition, like you said, the type of guns sometimes was a little …odd. I also really like the vests we are getting on almost every figure now. Many of the early wave figures looked very skinny and weak. Not to say I didn’t enjoy some of them (Baroness and Destro come to mind). But some bulk to guys that are covered with gear and accessories just looks far more realistic.

    And yeah, 25th stuff was limited cause it had to adhere to some degree to what was previously done and was paying homage to. So I kind of consider RoC being the birth of the new age of GIJoe as far as toys are concerned.

    With the cartoon seeming to be getting positive response from the Joe community now that it’s on the air, well done figures based on it’s characters are a must, and will have a special place for fans, just like in the old days. Hell, I’m totally attached to my Resolute figures after just that brief little film.

  17. @ Derrick

    Yeah I own that game and played it, I’m ashamed to say. A game that would of been called lackluster on LAST generations systems does not make for a happy fan. Pure crap.

    Though I’m not sure where I said there was no tie-in. Someone else in another thread said they had nothing to do with each other. I certainly didn’t. Do you mean regarding having some story going so I that grow attached to the characters? A simple video game like that will never do that. That’s why I would hope for a comic or better yet for the RoC movie sequel to be PoC, but I think PoC was supposed to be the filler story between the two movies….originally.

    The fact that RoC and PoC are connected is a no-brainer for me. Considering we are all chirping about the release of cancelled Rise of Cobra : Pursuit of Cobra products these days…lol. In fact, most of the PoC toys we’ve seen so far were all alreday planned for RoC. Wave 5 of RoC was PoC! Look at GeneralsJoes.com coverage of JoeCon 2009. Most of the PoC stuff is already there.

  18. I played the game too, and while I’m less critical of it, it doesn’t fall into the same category as a cartoon or advertising, simply because it is built to sell based on the success of a movie or license.

    For instance, Gears of War is an original IP that has become successful. The figures were made to cash in on the success. GI Joe is an original IP, and everything that is made that costs money to the consumer is made to make money, not advertise. And if the game was made to advertise, then toys from the game would have come out. Frankly, I would’ve preferred the Resolute HISS we got in game as opposed to the one that made it to shelves, but what’re you gonna do… But no, the game was made to cash in on the predicted success of the film. At least we got Helix and Flash out of it…

    Now, I realize I’ve oversimplified, because everything is supposed to work together to enhance the whole, so I get where you’re coming from with suggesting that the game was a solid PoC enhancement, but the designs are so disparate, I have a hard time getting on board with that idea. However, if it worked for you, I’m not against that at all.

  19. “Fogger,

    You can rant; I continue to laugh.”

    Um, what rant? I just disagreed with you. I think you’re either reading a LOT into my post that wasn’t there, or confusing me with someone else.

  20. Derrick, you do realize that Ross, TJ Maxx, and Marshals are CLEARANCE stores. Which means that the fact that these Joe toys making it to said chains means that they failed to move at the Suggested Retail Prices at the big-boy stores (i.e. Wal-Mart, Target, K-Mart, etc.)
    The fact that these made it to CLEARANCE stores is bad for the line. To further explain my point, I’ll use the ROC Night Raven as my example. When Hasbro made the Night Raven, they essentially told the big store franchises that this G.I. Joe product would sell for approx. $40.00. We’ll estimate that the production cost for the Night Raven probably ran Hasbro about $12.00, and they probably sold them to Wal-Mart and Target for about $30.00 (estimations of course) a shot. Which means that WHEN the big stores sold them they made a $10 profit. However when they don’t sell the toys, they not only lose money (the $30 they paid Hasbro for the Night Raven), but they lose shelf space on toys that could possibly sell. So to clear out the aisles, the big stores put them on clearance for $32.00. If the Night Raven still refuses to sell through after clearance, the big franchises contact stores like Ross, Marshals, and TJ Maxx and sell the Night Raven to them for $15.00 just to recoup some of their initial $30.00 investment. To recap, selling a $30.00 toy for $15.00 is not good business. So stores like Wal-Mart, Target, and K-Mart are apprehensive to purchase G.I. Joe products from Hasbro later on because they didn’t make their money back. No one is arguing with you that G.I. Joe is on store shelves. Clearly we all see that. No one is arguing that G.I. Joe is selling a little. Clearly we buy the figures ourselves. But they don’t sell to what the stores are liking. Thats why we can’t find great vehicles like the POC Vamp, Rage, the second series of Mech Suits, the Motorcycle Armor, The HiSS scout, the Black HiSS tank, and any of the other cool products Hasbro showed us at the conventions two years ago. They are in limbo because Hasbro can’t find a store to buy these (even as exclusives). I know this post is probably a waste of time because apparently Atlanta is a utopia for G.I. Joe product, but here in Chicago, I can’t find anything. Not because of sellouts, but because stores ain’t buying what Hasbro is selling.

  21. Anther vehicle scheduled to hit major retailers going straight to discount stores. Another sign how successful the Joe franchise is doing! ;-)

  22. A lot of what T.J. Maxx, Marshalls, Ollie’s, and Ross have been selling came straight from Hasbro. They even printed shipping cases with “T.J. MAXX” on the side for some of the product, so it wasn’t all stock Big Box retailers couldn’t move. That’s not to say it’s good for the manufacturer to sell to discount retailers at (or below) cost, either. Just a minor detail. Also, I’ve seen the VAMP and Fury at Wal-Mart, so even though some of those have gone to Ross, they have also been in the Big Box stores for MSRP. As an aside, I imagine Hasbro expected Target to carry the Bravo Class vehicles at some point, which would explain why two assortments have gone to Ross instead. Target skipping the Bravo vehicles is (to me, anyway) more of a concern than some leftovers from RoC going to discount retailers.

    As for the H.I.S.S. Attack Scout and Cycle Armor, those weren’t scheduled for release until March, anyway. With all three Big Boxers carrying the Alpha Class, I haven’t seen any reason to believe we won’t see those in the next couple of months.

  23. I was going to include Hasbro selling directly to the discount stores, but thought my comment was starting to nag on the point that the ROC line didn’t meet expectations. As far as the HiSS Scout and Cycle armor are concerned, I want them to see release. I’ve been a huge fan of almost everything POC related and am rightfully frustrated that fans have only been able to find things at a franchise that doesn’t cater to the Midwest. Sigh.

  24. Nah, I don’t see any of that as nagging.

    RoC boils down to this: It was good for Hasbro in 2009, because they sold a ton of product to retailers (although they have been doing some buybacks, at least in certain Wal-Mart stores). It wasn’t good for those retailers, though, which made RoC bad for Hasbro in 2010. That could easily extend into this year, as well, although I think having Renegades on the air *should* start to help. Truth be told, though, the RoC product at discount retailers hasn’t outnumbered the 25th/ME product by much, if any at all. Hasbro got stuck with a lot of that stuff, too. They sold a lot of movie toys, but their eyes were a little bigger than the market’s stomachs.

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