G.I. Joe: Renegades Episode 9 Promo Video

So, thanks to a glitch in my DVR, I haven’t yet had a chance to watch Episode 8, but plan to in 30 short minutes.  I was able to get a nice promo video for Episode 9 captured, though, while I waited!  Featuring a totally reimagined Zartan and some fast-moving Dreadnoks, Episode 9 “Dreadnoks Rising” airs next Friday at 5:30pm Eastern.

Check out the embedded video below!

Keep your eyes on the Renegades SuperSite as well, as I plan on getting up a review and entry for Episode 8 as soon as I am able.  May not be until some point tomorrow, where I’ll try to balance NFL Playoffs with G.I. Joe…two of my favorite hobbies!

7 thoughts on “G.I. Joe: Renegades Episode 9 Promo Video

  1. IF thats Zartan…and it seems it is.


    IF thats Zartan’s default design and not a disguise…

    then i guess we should just be happy that Major Bludd was clutching an eyeball at the end of “the package”.

  2. If that’s his default, I’m all for it. The guy has always been depicted as an outlaw biker. As long as he’s shown to be more multifaceted, not just a thug, I think its a pretty good look for him.

  3. I wonder where all this nitpicking and complaining was with the film 788… oh that’s right… your hypocrite when it comes to that.

  4. My dear Praetorian…..
    (you gotta read that with destro’s ARAH voice to make it funny)

    A. “you’re”. its a contraction of “you are”. “your” deontes ownership. (maybe you just mis-typed, all full of rage and shit towards me and my cartoonal postings)
    hows that for a nitpick?

    (and just FYI, i leave out apostrophes on purpose. sorry to steal that potential “oh yeah, well, well you do this…” attack from you)

    B. what film? Rise of Cobra? i dont complain about that too much, cuz i really enjoyed it. 17 times to be exact. it didnt rape my childhood like some think it did their own. nothing, especially a film based on a silly cartoon and kiddie toyline can ever do that. my childhood was great.
    i have complaints about RoC sure, but they dont affect my overall enjoyment of the movie. it was far more accurate than most “fans” want to see/admit.

    C. i could be mistaken, but i thought the article i posted about was a Renegades article not Rise of Cobra. maybe i misread……..or…….

    D. (maybe) you just enjoy being a prick and attacking people cuz they dont share you’re….oh, sorry, YOUR “its Joe so its GREAT!” view. congratulations if that was your goal, you certainly are being a prick.

    E. as far as i can tell, i structured that post to not sound like a complaint. im just saying that its such a far departure to what we are used to seeing in the Zartan character, that im surprised that they attempted to “re-adjust” bludd at all. zartan could have some sort of tatts on his eyes. (i also think that when Zartan received his nanomite treatment, there shouldve been some sort of face covering that, due to the radical nature of the procedure, burned the skin around his eyes. burns that he could cover using the nanomites. thusly bring him closer to the “look” of zartan we all know and efficiently showing how he can manipulate the nanomites to change his appearance———–see, a small gripe about the film)
    of course, im sure everything you read comes across as a complaint if its not an obivious ass kiss towards “GI JOE: THE ALMIGHTY!”

    regardless…try not to bite the inside of your cheeks too hard when you read this, praetorian, your fury welling up inside–none of this is really worth your attitude-toys and cartoons….really.

    …thanks for reading my postings. cant wait to see what you come up with next!

    heh…”cartoonal”…i think ill contact websters.

  5. I too hope that’s not Zartan’s default and I feel there’s a good chance that it’s not. Renegades has done a fairly good job of integrating iconic visual elements into their designs and Z-Man’s hood and facepaint are just as iconic as Destro’s mask, Stormy’s white gi, SE’s knight visor, Flint’s beret, etc. We’ll just have to wait and see. Fingers crossed!

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