GeneralsJoes Reviews final 2 Target Exclusive Vehicle Sets

No longer “canceled”, the third wave of “Target Exclusive” vehicle sets are now hitting Ross Stores nationwide (well…for folks unlike me who actually have one within 350 miles, anyway).

Thankfully I have some very kind readers who have extended their generosity and allowed me to get my full of these vehicle sets at killer prices.  I reviewed two of them yesterday, and today I will add the final two to the Pursuit of Cobra Review Page.  Check out the links below.

8 thoughts on “GeneralsJoes Reviews final 2 Target Exclusive Vehicle Sets

  1. I agree with the color preference on the Range Vipers, though the blue ones seem more city oriented, and these guys seem like they could back up the JV’s pretty well. Also, the cover art on all these exclusives is awesome. I particularly dig the Twin Battle Gun art and the Glider art, even though I wouldn’t touch the glider itself with a ten-foot pole.

  2. Nas managed to hook me up with the Flight Pod (thanks Nas!) and it’s really a great little vehicle. Never had one as a kid, but I see the appeal, especially as a “City Strike” vehicle.

    And there’s a reason the Range Viper with Whirlwind is the most coveted, it’s a great figure/vehicle combo!

  3. You’re welcome, Crosshair! Wish I could find more for the rest of the folks here. We’ll see if a restock happens.

  4. what a great review……of the range viper.

    there was a double-barreled attack cannon in that box too, right?

  5. AGH, Must have Range Vipers! That’s my favorite color scheme for them EVER. Absolutley perfect.

  6. Absolutely in LOVE with that Range Viper. I loved the originals and yes I know the color scheme was ludicrous for a wilderness trooper but it’s a nostalgia thing. Seeing these guys done in these colors and how well they fit with the Jungle Vipers is just awesome. The Twin Battle Gun is freakin cool as well, though I will never put the camo-stickers on, they detract from the overall look rather than add to it.

    I do like the Flight Pods colors better than the originals, but that Elite Viper does nothing for me. It was disassenbled and into my custom bins in no time flat.

    I hope I can get a bunch of the Twin Battle Gun w/Range Viper sets, but being after Christmas right now and money being short…..

    Anyway, as 788 already mentioned, I too was wondering why these are in the Pursuit of Cobra section. They clearly say Rise of Cobra on the packaging.

  7. Geez, Justin, how do you afford all this stuff? From this obscure Range Viper Variant to the Canada-only Volcano Viper, you always seem to have an entire army before I’ve even heard of the figure in question.

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