Shadow Tracker unmasked!

Many folks have been wondering exactly what Shadow Tracker looks like underneath that mask, but only Twink Viper has actually buckled down and yanked it off.  Unfortunately he ended up ruining the figure in the process, but check out the fruits of his labor below:


I know in past test shots, we’ve just seen a skull underneath there, so this certainly looks like something new, though not necessarily any more pleasant.  Here’s a lesson to ya, kids…keep his mask on.  Thanks to Twink Viper for doing the deed and posting it up on Hiss Tank.

8 thoughts on “Shadow Tracker unmasked!

  1. DUDE!!!

    He’s the guy from that Silence of the Lambs sequel – the one in the wheelchair who cut his face off with broken glass.

    It’s a bit more realistic than the skull (what am I saying, ‘realistic’…) since you can’t live with just a skull for a head. A severely scarred face – maybe attacked by some beast? – is much cooler.


  2. I love the pick of just the head. With those locks it looks like it can crawl after it’s opponent even after Snake Eyes severs his head….creepy.

  3. I’m definitely buying a second to just remove the mask. Looks damn creepy and awesome, to me. Really fits in with the whole Predator vibe I am getting.

  4. I just ruined the mask. I can’t get the remainder of the glue off though. Tried everything.

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