GeneralsJoes Reviews Target… errr… Ross Exclusive Vehicle Packs

Well, not all of them today, but I at least got two of them done.  The other two should be up tomorrow or the day after.

You can check out the reviews at the Pursuit of Cobra Review Index, or directly at the links below:

4 thoughts on “GeneralsJoes Reviews Target… errr… Ross Exclusive Vehicle Packs

  1. Only reason I see getting these is for Sandstorms helmet….and that’s about it. The Zartan disguise version of Sandstorm is MUCH better than this mess.

    And while I really like arctic stuff, a glider doesn’t make any sense to me at all. It’s already so freaking cold up there that your skin freezes within seconds of exposure, now you want to strap a guy on a fast flying glider and up that by three? Seems silly.

    In a fit of “oh my god, I’m gonna miss out on these” I of course had to get these the moment they were available but now I feel I wasted most of the $60 I spent to get the 4 sets.

    However, for me, the best is yet to come, the Range Viper/Whirlwind pack is worth shelling out the big bucks for. I’ll be looking for more of those.

  2. Still find it funny that they usually never apply the camo pattern to the knee joint. Once it has been seen it cannot be unseen!

  3. Love the dio in the Sandstorm review. (Even though I hate the sandstorm figure. I like you’re mash-up custom, though.)

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