JoeCon 2011 Exclusive Sparta and Steel Cobra Revealed!

Two more figures in the incredible lineup of characters for the upcoming Convention set have been shown on!  Pulling from the Brazilian ranks, once a Cover Girl repaint, Sparta sports a newly tooled 25th Anniversary style head based on the incredible DTC Cover Girl sculpt!  Not only does it look like a great head, but it would double for an awesome Scarlett as well.

She doesn’t quite work flawlessly for a 25th Anniversary Cover Girl, but certainly makes a great base that could be used with some minor tweaks.  Anyone with a DTC Cover Girl could easily use the coat from that figure.  Folks who want her blonde might have to adjust a bit more, however.

Steel Cobra (De Aco) is about what we expected, but looks a LOT better than I thought he might.  The vac-metallized head is impressive.  Very impressive.  I like what I’m seeing here.  Really can’t wait to check out Claymore.  It figures that they’re taking the character I’m most looking forward to and showing him last!

Check out the mirrored images below.

One thought on “JoeCon 2011 Exclusive Sparta and Steel Cobra Revealed!

  1. I was really hoping they would have used the jacket from the DTC figure and jacketed arms from the trench coat SE or some other coated figure to give a more classic Sparta / Covergirl. The use of the head though is to be commended.

    DeAco is pretty awesome and Leatherneck is my other must have. The rest of the set is nice but doesn’t come across as must haves to me.

    I was actually looking forward to a silver and blue Wet-Suit with a corrected helmet, so that figure actually disappoints me a little.

    Can’t wait to see Claymore though.

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