has posted G.I. Joe: Renegades Descent – Part 1 & 2

To the delight of many Joefans without The Hub, has posted the video for the first episode of G.I. Joe: Renegades!

EDIT – They’ve now posted Part 2 as well!  That’s some quick turnaround time!

Check them out right here.

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  2. For being “Resident Evil: Sigma 6”, I thought it was fairly tepid. Not as bad as I feared, but still nothing that really made me have to tune in week-to-week.

    I still hate the character designs and how low budget the show looks—and those Ben 10 Bio-Vipers are a joke, but the writing, dialogue, and most of the voice acting is decent.

    Overall I didn’t walk away hating it. It kept me mildly entertained for 44 minutes, but it didn’t feel like G.I. Joe at all. I’ll give it a chance for a few more episodes to win me over, but if it doesn’t, it won’t really matter, because for now at least, this is a JINO: ‘Joe in name only.

  3. I liked the first ep. I agree with the Bio-Vipers, though. Have since i saw them at Comic Con. I hope they go the way of the dodo ASAP.

  4. Wake up people, this type of animation has been around since the mid to late 90’s… but a lot people like to act that it’s bran new. Look at “Men in Black: The Series” in 1997, “Samurai Jack” in 2001 or the “Clone Wars series” in 2003.

    It’s the stories, the plots and the voice acting that’s going to matter, not just the animation. But if some of you are expecting an Emmy, a Golden Globe or an Oscar award performance in the voice acting… then your just setting yourself up for disappointment and whining like a child.

  5. What does the MiB series have to do with Samurai Jack and CW?? The latter two were done by Tartakovsky (CN) in a VERY stylized look. I don’t see the inclusion, unless you want to generalize and scoop-in Spongebob, Doug, Invader Zim, etc.

    MiB was decent fun, but I didn’t care for the design of the faces back then either. But so what, that was then, this is now. I agree that the story and acting and direction are more important elements, and I’m okay with the show so far. But I hate that every face looks asian (eyes, cheekbones, etc). How about a little ethnic diversity, please, in a show that supposedly includes a broad spectrum of Americans protecting our entire country?

    I also find it really annoying when people compare new series to older ones, or even the originals, whether to defend or condemn new venues. Seriously? 20 to 30yrs later and we shouldn’t have higher expectations??? But hey, it’s not like Samurai Jack or Clone Wars won any Emmys– oh wait, nevermind….

    That said, give the show a chance, but don’t make apologetic excuses for the creators.

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