New images posted for Pursuit of Cobra Wave 4

With Wave 3 on the horizon, images are starting to leak out for the upcoming fourth wave of G.I. Joe: The Pursuit of Cobra. Featuring Lowlight, Destro, Shadow Tracker, and Skydive (and notoriously devoid of Dukes, Snake Eyes, or Storm Shadows) this wave looks fantastic.  Granted, many folks already got their hands on the Skydive figure through backdoor means as Desert Battle Ripcord, but for those who haven’t, he is one of the best figures in the Pursuit of Cobra line.  Add to that this awesome Destro, the absolutely amazing Lowlight, and of course Shadow Tracker, and you have a wave that pretty much hits a home run with every single figure.

Great stuff.  Thanks to Corey Stinson of for the info!

11 thoughts on “New images posted for Pursuit of Cobra Wave 4

  1. Destro armor plus Wave 3 Duke’s Missle system = Fast Draw for me. And this makes me happy.

    Agreed, Not-Desert Ripcord is a fantastic action figure. It’s like a Para-Viper that you can actually move and pose.

  2. Destro seems to have lost one of his big guns, going by this pic… but that’s okay, he still comes with the briefcase full of cash, and that’s an even bigger deal to me.

  3. i dunno about that shadow tracker. i keep going back and forth. originally i had no desire for him, then i saw more pics and thought he looked cool, but now seeing his accessories…they don’t do much for me. i’ll probably snag that destro though.

  4. Neat little details they are adding, like Low-lights bullets & Destro’s multi-currency briefcase.

  5. Low-light…….without a doubt.
    skydive………pretty likely.
    destro……….i dont see the appeal….at all.
    shadow tracker..likely not.

  6. Man, Low-light looks sweet. Destro looks cool too, but like a lot of people have said before this, he won’t be Destro in my little Joe world, he’ll be used for several cutom ideas. Skydive is okay, but he pales in comparison to the original Ripcord version, these new colors are just….blah.

    And Shadow Tracker is so-so. Cool idea, bland execution. Guess he’ll be okay. A really cool storyline in one of the comics would really help this new character.

    All in all not a bad wave. Still like wave 2 & 3 better, but it’s pretty decent.

    I wonder how hard it will be to get Low-Light. I’m sure he’ll be in great demand.

  7. I know! I think Destro would make a great new SAW Viper. I wish I had gotten the DTC one, ’cause then I’d have the perfect helmet. I’m sure I can find something. Then I can use that awesome Destro head on the movie figure, perhaps.

  8. These figures are mostly pretty cool and will make for a really good wave, especially with Lowlight being included.

    “Destro” will be something else entirely, as he resembles something more akin to a heavy gunner type soldier, basically good custom fodder, but not a good Destro at all. Cool, but not as Destro…

    Shadow Tracker has potential, but may come up short. We’ve already seen several of his bits in Spirit’s gear. Beyond that, he may inspire a few custom ideas also…

    Skydive…Not a huge fan of his new color scheme,the previous “Ripcord” coloration looked better, but I can totally live with it. Besides, I’ll likely pick up several to turn into an updated and much improved TARGAT for my Iron Grenadier troops, so in that regard, the lackluster color scheme is a plus. Beyond that, very happy to see another new Joe being introduced in this line, rather than another Duke/SS/SE/CC/etc., so not a bad deal really.

    Now, if wave three would just show up in my area…

  9. After watching the Young Justice trailer, this Destro is what I’d imagine a funky 90s repaint of Mr. Freeze would’ve turned out like.

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