New G.I. Joe: Renegades promo airs on Hubworld

Huge thanks to the MSGulfCoast GIJoe Collectors Club for snagging a nice copy of a recent G.I. Joe: Renegades promo that aired on a recent episode of Hubworld.  A lot of new footage is sprinkled throughout, with a heaping helping of cool music and action.

The roller coaster ride continues full steam ahead and Renegades finally arrives November 26th at 5:00pm!  Are you ready?

Check out the embedded video below!

8 thoughts on “New G.I. Joe: Renegades promo airs on Hubworld

  1. and the award for best “its my job to be really excited for crap” perfomance goes to…

    that supercited kid for his role in…

    “pimping renegades”.

  2. Um, that sounded like you were callin someone out @788.

    It’s great. Granted i would take B.A.T.S over bio vipers any day and I am curious as to why hawk is bald, but the show looks like it has promise.

  3. not sure how you interpreted that.
    i was poking fun at the video.

    BATS would be better…….as well as better animation….and a better storyline.

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  5. I am absolutely ready. Love the look of this series. All the preview footage I’ve seen on this site has me fired up for Renegades. Thanks for all of the updates.

  6. Man, the animation’s just terrible. It looks like there aren’t enough frames or something.

    That’s not to say the original cartoon or Resolute’s were any better, just saying it looks cheap.

  7. I am confused by TheHub. Isn’t it supposed to be an internet based portal for shows? As far as I can tell it’s a promotional site that drives you to traditional cable channels.

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