Sideshow Collectibles Cobra Desert Sniper revealed!

We saw them featured in various pictures with the upcoming 12″ Dusty and the Cobra Desert Weapons Cache, and now, in the latest collectors’ newsletter the Cobra Desert Sniper has finally been revealed in a preview right here!

The figure will get a full blown reveal in the Sideshow Production Blog on November 9th, but until then, this sneak preview will have to do:

A big thanks to Mysterious Stranger and 788 for the intel!

2 thoughts on “Sideshow Collectibles Cobra Desert Sniper revealed!

  1. The preorder is in next week’s newsletter too.

    I wonder if they’ll do an exclusive of this one or if it’ll just be the regular version only as with the other troopers.

  2. when they do a figure like this….it makes me believe that its filler. something to buy time (and keep the GI Joe brand in view) between production of major characters.

    therefore it is my opinion that the price should be reduced somewhat.

    does sideshow do this or is it business as usual?

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