G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra figures Buy 1 Get 2 Free at TRU

Toys “R” Us has released a new sales flyer for this weekend, featuring some “Doorbuster” deals, and among one of those mentioned deals, G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra figures are Buy 1 get 2 Free!  Depending on the stock at your local Toys “R” Us, this could be a great time to boost your Rise of Cobra armies, or just clear out some peg space for the eventual arrival of more Pursuit of Cobra stuff.

’tis the time for Toys for Toys as well!  I’ve mirrored an image of the ad below, it can be found on ToysRUs.com.  Big thanks to Compulsive Collector for the information!

8 thoughts on “G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra figures Buy 1 Get 2 Free at TRU

  1. My TRU still has a Cobra Officer / Crimson Guard comic pack. :) If they clearanced the ROC Water Moccasin to like $5 I’d probably by a few.

  2. m6d……..

    i bought that water moccasin when i bought the snow cat….it was bogo 50%.

    VERY much worth it.

    i actually have the RoC moccasin on display while my 25th sits in mothballs.

    swapped the heads too. made copperhead look more “armored” and less swampy-casual.
    (and less like the other two copperheads i own!)

  3. Caught this today by complete accident. I probably cleared out half their ROC stock for about 49 bucks.

    I saw that my TRU put out three Mobile PIT Bases too, but they left them at $99.99. No way those are going to sell unless they do some drastic price cuts…

  4. DAMMIT TRU!!!!!!

    I made a promise to myself to cut back on Joes so I can save for the Con and NOW THEY DO THIS!!!????


    However, if I can get my hands on an Alley-Viper or two I MIGHT delay my fasting………..

  5. well, the sale is over. im pretty sure my TRU is a whole three figures lighter….because of me.

    TRU will team with them toys for tots with the hopes that customers will buy extra toys and donate them at the exit door. a great cause to be certain. but how about this TRU? how about you donate some of the toys YOUVE bought, that are still sitting on the shelves after a year.

  6. Missed the ROC part of the sale and started to get into a quarrel with the manager about “Bravo” vehicles. Completely my fault but she’s been a problem for a while though…

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