Sideshow 12″ Beachhead looks freaking amazing

The Sideshow Collectibles 12″ Beachhead has been shipping and has reached collector hands already, and over on Whitehawk has posted a few pictures (with a full review on his website, The Impulse Nerd).

Granted, Sideshow’s gallery was pretty slick looking already, but these images have appealed to me all the more.  Maybe it’s because I’ve recently gotten Duke in hand (review is coming, I promise) but this Beachhead is just impressive.  Really impressive.  Removable crossbow, awesome backpack, great commando sweater.  Holy crap, this looks great.

Check out the mirrored images below, and be sure to check out the review directly.

6 thoughts on “Sideshow 12″ Beachhead looks freaking amazing

  1. it does look good……except that ballalllcallava.

    the entire outfit is done in “softgoods” materials….but the baclavaavla is plastic. couldnt they make the basketballaclavaa out of some sort of stretchy material.

    oh……..and please apply (sp?) as you deem necessary.

  2. Mine hasn’t shipped yet either. I got the email last week that it would be arriving in 12 days which is the middle of next week. Perhaps this was an early review sample?

  3. @788 – I was wondering about this as well, but it seems like soft goods balaclalallala never seem to look right, even on 12 inch figures.

    @Mysterious Stranger – Whew, I was hoping it wasn’t just me! haha.

  4. Take a look at the Sideshow Snake-eyes and you’ll see why they went with a sculpted ski mask. As much as I love SS Snake-eyes, the cloth for his mask just doesn’t look right. The seams are way too big and really make it look cheap. I’m hoping the eventual commando version has a sculpted mask and comes with an alternate sculpted visor head that I can swap onto the first SE.

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