First G.I. Joe: Renegades footage online at!

Now that we have official confirmation of the G.I. Joe: Renegades debut date, has also posted the first official footage of the series premier!  Featuring Duke, Tunnel Rat, Roadblock, and Scarlett as they narrowly escape from the US Government.  While a little low on action, it’s a great first look at Renegades, and a look at what we can expect for animation and final art style.

Check it out at or embedded below.

11 thoughts on “First G.I. Joe: Renegades footage online at!

  1. I’m getting pretty excited about this. First time I’ve felt (since the original series) that GI Joe might actually have a good chance of being successful with kids. Can’t wait to see the first full episode.

  2. I heard “fatality” and “murder” used in a GI Joe cartoon. !

    I am very intrigued. The animation is passable, but that is, to me, secondary if the story holds up. I look forward to seeing if this is complete footage…I didn’t notice any ambient sound or music FX at all.

  3. Nas: It’s entirely possible that they “kill” some poor Cobra mooks that actually got turned into Bio-Vipers, and who Cobra need to make disappear anyway.

    Or they kill Mindbender, forcing him underground and giving him more time to mad science.

    Or they might just actually kill a few guards with their bloodless, but still deadly, energy guns.

  4. “It’s entirely possible that they “kill” some poor Cobra mooks that actually got turned into Bio-Vipers, and who Cobra need to make disappear anyway.”

    Maybe Mindbender has some “leftovers” from an experiment that need explaining and disposing off.

  5. Animation seems on the mark. Their lips are a bit funky, but whatever.

    Still, I can’t see myself getting into this story. I can’t really take the whole Cobra Pharmaceuticals thing seriously, but I guess it was the only way to make them “renegades” so…whatever.

    As long as the kids like it, it’s all good.

  6. I’m pretty excited about this show. I’m not going to get my hopes up and think it’ll ever top the comics or the original series, but it looks like it has potential to be a fun show. As much as i dislike the style they chose, it’s not terrible, the animation is clean and the voice actig (from what little was shown obviously) seems ok.

  7. I love the animation style. I think the tone of the series will be such that it appeals to both kids and adults. I’m hopeful that this series will be successful and will help to keep G.I. Joe relevant. Can’t wait for November 26th.

  8. Upgraded from unwatchable to barely watchable. Just like Sigma Sux, I am concerned that this cartoon will further dilute the brand.

  9. DistantFred: Oh, I know. I guess my point is, they’re not afraid to float the idea of such a thing existing in this Joe universe, and that’s just fine with me. It adds some gravitas and realism to this otherwise fantasy-based story, and I approve of the more mature themes. I don’t want to see massive bloodletting or annihilation, but the possibility of a few casualties makes the story-telling have more weight, and as an adult fan, I appreciate that.

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