GeneralsJoes Reviews SmallJoes new Figure Stands!

So, yeah, those 25th Anniversary stands are cool and all, with the names plastered on ’em.  But how useful are they really?  With that funky tiered shape, and a pretty small area for actual feet to be placed, I’ve had my share of frustration with them.  But SmallJoes is to the rescue!

With a couple of decades of experience with figure stands, the SmallJoes guys have engineered a nicely sized, well balanced, and 4-pegged figure stand (in black and clear!) to use with most modern era action figures, including G.I. Joe, Star Wars, Marvel, and others.  They were kind enough to send me a nice sampling, and I have reviewed them right here.

Short answer?  They’re great.  They’re the same size and overall shape as the G.I. Joe ones, yet manage to cram in a lot more flexibility and functionality.  Can’t go wrong.

  • Ryan

    That Lady Jaye in the picture…what line is she from?

  • The 25th Anniversary 5-Pack that hit near the end of the line’s run:

  • I heard about these, hadn’t convinced myself to purchase them yet, but that pic with the Apex display case sealed the deal. That looks great!

  • pbarny

    I want to know Justin’s (or anyone else who owns at least 2 of the following) thoughts on how these compare to Marauder’s stands or the even older Real Stands (clear discs with 2 pegs good for modern Star Wars/Marvel/Joe figures)?

    The price looks decent on these. And that beats by more than half Marauder’s price for equivalent numbers. But sometimes price isn’t everything (but can make a difference if quality is close).

  • Silent Master

    These stands look great. Think I may have to pick some of these up, and if possible a few of those nice APEX cases to display them more effectively.


  • Scott

    Very cool, always liked the vintage-oriented stands!

  • m6d

    These look great. I’m tempted to pick up about 200 of them.

  • Darren

    I’m a troop builder and every time I see a figure stand review I get excited. I keep hoping that a vendor will come out with a stand that has two foot pegs and is smaller that Hasbro’s. I’ve found that the 25th style stand is just too wide for army building. When I display my troops the 25th style stands leave way too much space between each row of troops. If SmallJoes can reduce the width of their stands or if Marauder can add a 2nd 25th sized foot peg to their new design I would order a massive number of stands. In my opinion both SmallJoes and Marauder have put out a great product but neither stand meets my needs.