Clues emerge for 2011 JoeCon Exclusive Convention set

With the JoeCon coming much earlier in the year next year, we’re getting some nice early hints about what to expect for the Convention set in 2011.  Thanks to “The Commander” over on the G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club forums (which members and non-members should really visit more often) we have the following clues:

  • “My, you look good in that camo pattern!”
  • “Time for a Rumble in the Jungle!”

The first clue was courtesy of the latest Collectors’ Club newsletter, while clue #2 came on the forums.  I’m loving what I’m seeing so far.  On the Convention request forums every single year, I’ve been practically begging for a jungle-themed set…certainly seems like this would be the year.

I have my own little guess, too…  on the Collectors’ Club forums a number of months ago, I hypothesized that if the Club was moving to the modern sculpts, they should consider a “Special Missions: Brazil” type of theme.  Use existing characters like Footloose, Dial Tone, Leatherneck, and Claymore, and do them up in jungle camouflage.  This would get the fans the 25th homage Footloose and Leatherneck they want, and would also help nicely develop the more obscure (yet awesome) Claymore character from the original Toys “R” Us Exclusive set back in the day.

It seems clear from the 2011 exclusive Dial Tone that the Club is thinking along these lines, so let’s see what further clues bring!  Once again, I strongly suggest fans visit the Collectors’ Club forums to stay abreast of all the upcoming convention updates.

10 thoughts on “Clues emerge for 2011 JoeCon Exclusive Convention set

  1. Here’s the trick. You have to take what everyone else thinks it is, and go in the exact opposite direction. That is how it always works. I’m going with Python Patrol/Slaughters Marauders.

  2. I believe Justin is right. If it is correct, you do realize that in what seems like one-felled swoop, Hasbro and the Club have given the collectors several most-wanted characters:
    1. Sgt. Slaughter
    2. Lowlight
    3. Dial Tone
    4. Footloose
    5. Leatherneck
    That’s not bad at all.

  3. I’m going to say Tiger Force as the Joe version and either Jungle Vipers or possibly Python Patrol for the Cobras. The clues mention camo specifically and there isn’t really anything camo about the Special Mission Brazil figures. Same with Slaughter’s Marauders. They only have a distinct color scheme, not necessarily a defined camo pattern.

    Also with Sarge being a Hasbro exclusive and knowing Hasbro’s reluctance to reuse exclusive tooling I can almost bet that the Marauders are off the table. If they can’t give us Sarge why bother?

  4. I hope Justin is right. While I don’t really crae one way or the other about a Special Mission Brazil re-hash, getting 25th Footloose and Leatherneck would certainly make it worthwhile (if they are done correctly).

    Any of the other options mentioned (Python Patrol, Slaughters Marauders, Tiger Force) and it’ll be a definate pass. I thought the originals were cheap repaints back when I was a kid, I certainly feel that way and more so now.

    I have yet to buy one of these sets as they always “miss the mark” for me by having odd figure choices or uninteresting themes. But I still hope every year.

  5. “I’m going to say Tiger Force as the Joe version and either Jungle Vipers or possibly Python Patrol for the Cobras”

    i don’t think they’ll do Tiger Force. Joes in Tiger Forces cammo were part of the Dreadnoks con set and I believe one of the first clues we were given was that the set was going to something that hasn’t been done before.

    is there any chance that the Cobra side is the one in cammo?

  6. That’s a good point Eduardo, and one that I forgot about until you mentioned it. That being said then I think if they do anything that’s already been established but THEY haven’t done then Python Patrol fits the clues so far. Jungle and camo and G.I. Joe to me says Python Patrol. The thing is I’m not sure what they could do to make it new and exciting. Repainting the 25th Cobra Trooper or Tele-viper 6-12 times in a box with a couple named figures? Boring.

    Guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

  7. Personally, I’m not a big fan of rehashing the Special Mission Brazil thing either, and certainly not a fan of getting repainted guys in Python Patrol crap colors, had more than enough of those already. I wouldn’t mind, however, seeing guys like Footloose, Leatherneck, or Sarge on a Jungle mission, and perhaps joined by possibly Repeater, Recondo, Alpine, Gung-Ho, Roadblock or Stalker as options for a Jungle patrol mission like the second rescue attempt of Dr. Burkhardt from the Jungle fortress.

    The villains could be jungle Kwinn, Scar-Face and Dr. Venom, for starters, to pull in the early jungle mission element from some of the early Marvel days before all of those guys died. I doubt they’ll do this though.

    Another fun little set might be to package Recondo with several of those little “indian warriors”, The Uchuga(?) or whatever they were called from the Indiana Jones Crystal Skull movie, but retouch them to look more like the Tucaro Indians that Recondo is friends with. Recondo with between 4 and 6 of those guys, armed with automatic rifles, would be a nice homage to have as a set, and would offer another Recondo option with Major Bludd as a possible villian to the set. Not likely they’ll ever do that either, but oh well.

    While I’m looking forward to seeing what they end up releasing for the set, I doubt that I’ll even be able to get one anyway, at least not without paying someone, like Brian’s Toys or BBTS, out the whazoo for a set. I hope it’s a fun set for whoever manages to get one though, even if I can’t.

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