offers pre-orders and cover images for Renegades TPB’s

With cross-marketing in mind, Hasbro and The Hub obviously plan a blitz of G.I. Joe: Renegades items once the show starts picking up steam, and apparently high on their list of items to produce are comic books.  Now, the IDW October Solicitations list mentioned a first issue of G.I. Joe: Renegades as part of their shipping schedule that month, but issues of Previews since then have curiously ommitted the title.

Evidently something is still planned, however, as has two pre-orders posted for the first two volumes of what appear to be G.I. Joe: Renegades Trade Paperback collections of those comics.  With posted release dates of February, 2011, you would think the comic should still be slated to hit shortly, but who knows for sure at this point?

Along with the pre-orders, Amazon has also posted a pair of cover images, one featuring the Snake Eyes art we’ve seen before, and a second featuring the familiar Arashikage Clan symbol, which will evidently play a major role in the cartoon series.  Check out the pre-orders and the mirrored images below:

Big thanks to GeneralsJoes reader Captain N.  for the information!

A must read article for action figure fans at

This isn’t a new article by any stretch…  written by noted Star Wars and G.I. Joe collector Shane Turgeon it’s an article that I just recently rediscovered a feel compelled to pass along to my readers, because it is chock full of awesome insight and information about toy design and production.

If anyone has ever wondered exactly what goes into producing even one action figure, Shane’s article over on is an absolutely fascinating read.  In fact, there’s a lot of info on JoeIntel that toy fans in general should be very interested in.

Check out the article right here.  I just want to say thanks to Shane for sharing this great information, and I really hope that folks reading this take some time to learn exactly what it took to make a toy back in the 80’s.  Processes are somewhat different know, mostly due to technology changes, but the core concepts are much the same.  It really is amazing at what steps are involved.