Photo Galleries for Pursuit of Cobra Ice Cutter and AWE Striker

While I’m working on my own reviews for the recently released Pursuit of Cobra Ice Cutter and AWE Striker, here are a couple of galleries from The Terror Drome featuring some fantastic images of these upcoming vehicles.

Something of note to check out is also the YouTube video of the Ice Cutter’s treads.  The reason I point this out is because I was not aware of the way these treads worked before I got my hands on the Ice Cutter, and it actually disappointed me somewhat.  I was really hoping maybe the treads would either be static or able to rotate, but instead, they just spin freely and rotate as the vehicle moves, which is kind of a bummer.  Beyond that, the vehicle looks very, very cool.

Check out the images below, with links to the original galleries at The Terror Drome as well.

Cobra Ice Cutter w/ Snow Serpent Officer

G.I. Joe AWE Striker w/ Night  Fox

Wow.  That AWE Striker sucks, but Night Fox is freaking awesome.  I’ll give more of my opinions during the review…

11 thoughts on “Photo Galleries for Pursuit of Cobra Ice Cutter and AWE Striker

  1. It’s funny you say that about the AWE, because this is the first one I’ll ever own…the first one I want to own. Very curious to see what your review has to say, having had multiples of them in hand yourself.

    Thanks for the pics!

  2. The black/tan/green mix of parts is definitely odd.

    As much as I dislike the red harness/boots on the Snow Serpent, I’d like to see a close-up of his head. It looks like they’ve done some nice paint highlights we haven’t seen before on that mold.

  3. I’m actually kind of keen on the AWE Striker as well, I have all the other versions that have come before (don’t ask me why cause I hate em all) but this one really works for me. Probably the desert theme I think. With the Desert Vipers, the new Dusty, the Desert HISS tank it’s just turning out to be a cool battle and a diorama waiting to be built.

    Night Fox looks cool as well.

    The Ice Cutter and the Snow Serpent with it herald back to 1992. The simplicity and bright colors really remind of those days. While I like it, it doesn’t seem to fit in with the new age of Joes that PoC has brought us. It looks more like a 25th anniversary style toy/figure.

  4. Gah, what the heck is with Night Fox’s hands? How is he supposed to hold anything like that? BAH. Someday they should friggin’ make a standard buck for the hands.

  5. Night Fox is pretty cool, might be picking up that vehicle.

    Why does he have a hanker-chef when he’s wearing a mask? :P

  6. “Gah, what the heck is with Night Fox’s hands? How is he supposed to hold anything like that? BAH. Someday they should friggin’ make a standard buck for the hands.” — Alexx

    Those the RoC “Desert Ambush” Duke hands. And sadly kind of odd, considering they are always pointing. I want to like Night Fox, I think he’s a cool looking character, but the accessories suck at fitting him. The vest gets pushed up by the belt, the hat doesn’t stay on, the helmet doesn’t fit that great either. These things bug me. Might just have to throw them in a bag and forget about them.

  7. Hmmm, my opinions are reversing on both of these.

    I was really getting pumped up and excited for the Ice Cutter, but it really needs re-tooling. I’ll disable the flip forward treads and lock them in place first chance I get and I REALLY wish the TRU 2009 Snow Serpent had come with this set instead.

    I’m finding myself more intrigued by the AWE Striker the more I see of it. Hasbro has done it to death so that it’s like the Duke of the vehicle motor pool, and this version really breaks no ground. The Night Fox figure however is like a great plethora of parts just waiting for me to use them to make three other figures.

    Mismatched figures, odd vehicle choices, but still promises to provide me with some uber-geek fun.

  8. I’m thinking I may paint this version of the AWE Striker as a night ops version. Hey, it’s no cornier than having Tomakawk pilot the Ghost Hawk.

  9. I had the same problem with Night Fox’s gear looking so messed up, but if you take off his green neck scarf and have it sit OVER the shoulder straps it actually helps keep the web gear down in place, and of course you have to lower his belt/holster down just below his black jacket (it doesn’t look any worse than the ROC Elite Vipers).

    As far as the AWE STRIKER itself, the gunmetal hubcaps are a nice touch but slightly ruined by the distracting brown paint on the wheels. And it definitely would’ve been better to keep only 2 colors– black and green, or tan and green– instead of forcing all 3 colors. I have some of the Night Assault AWE Strikers from back when, time to mix and match.

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