GeneralsJoes Reviews Pursuit of Cobra Dusty

Finally getting my hands on Pursuit of Cobra Wave 2 means I can start getting those reviews out there.  As cool as Wave 1 is, Wave 2 certainly looks to match it nearly every step of the way, and this figure is a perfect example why.

Dusty is fantastic.  Check out the Pursuit of Cobra review page, or just check out the review itself right here.

15 thoughts on “GeneralsJoes Reviews Pursuit of Cobra Dusty

  1. Never really been a big fan of Dusty before (probably because none of his figures were that great), but this one rocks on many levels. I think the alternate head with the mask is great, and will be my default look for him when he’s out doing his thing.

  2. Excellent review, Justin. You and Alexx are my heroes; I can’t get these new figures in Africa, but I get to experience them through your photos and critiques.

    I usually skip Dusty figures without even considering them, but this one’s awesome. The only thing that bugs me is the pale neck; it clashes with the awesome wash on the face.

    Keep up the good work!

  3. Judging by what’s left on the shelves, either a lot of people don’t care for Dusty or he was over packed. Maybe using the masked face he is supposed to be a troop builder as well?

  4. I’m not big on environment-specific characters, either, but I wasn’t about to pass on this Dusty figure. He’s actually the only one I bought from wave 2. The masked head makes him a home run. How great is this figure? I despise soft goods. Hate ’em, hate ’em, hate ’em. It’s one of my biggest pet peeves when it comes to action figures, especially at this scale. The material Hasbro used to create this version of Dusty, however, actually doesn’t look bad. I would still prefer something sculpted over fabric any day, but soft goods is usually enough to keep me from buying.

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  6. I love this figure! Especially since his face reminds me of 91 Dusty, which was the only Dusty I knew back then. He was also the first guy I had that came with a normal pistol, so I was excited.

    Anyway, they did a great job with ’em! I coulda gone for a backpack of some kind, but he hits all the other good points, so I can’t complain.

  7. I picked mine up last night with Recondo & a couple of Jungle Vipers. As much as I liked those, it was Dusty that I looked forward to this most out of this wave. To me his look it so much better than his previous 25th Version and the extra head rocks.

  8. Yes, definately the best figure from wave 2. I don’t like the goofy guns but that’s very easily fixed.

    Miles and miles ahead of the sub-par 25th Dusty we got.

  9. as usual…

    here is “i dont like envionmental specific figures” along with his best friend “however”. environmental specific figures are the most exciting figures!

    look at the unmasked head from the review. there is the reason why i will always prefer finding toys in the store over online ordering. my dusty isnt trying to see his brain.
    also…whats with that spot in the masked heads “visor”? kinda looks like a bulet hole. mine doesnt have that either.

    regardless of any of this……..the PoC dusty is a pretty nice figure.

  10. I really dig this version of Dusty. I’m impressed with how his cape turned out. I also like both head sculpts. They both look great! I’ve also found that there’s enough give in the goggles on his helmet to put them over his eyes while wearing it. It looks pretty cool.

  11. Dusty is probably my favorite figure in wave 2. While he might not have gotten the spectacular accessory treatment as wave 1 figures enjoyed, he still manages to be a big win in my book due to just how great the look is. The soft-goods cape makes it so easy to throw Dusty behind the wheel of a favorite vehicle. My only concern is that it’s kind of threadbare — I imagine 10-20 years from now, loose Dusty figures might have some pretty frayed-lookin’ cloaks!

  12. I loved this figure a lot when I found him a week ago. I’m glad I wasn’t the only person who went “wha?” at the barbed wire.

  13. I love the inclusion of the barb-wire slinky. Its a helluva lot better than a spring-loaded weapon and it makes me giggle.

    I don’t like the weathering on his fleshy bits though. I don’t want my toys to look like they’ve been played with right out of the package. Still I may get a couple of these for armybuilders if the mood is right and I see them on shelves. Not going out of my way to track them down though.

  14. My BDay was yesterday and my best friend gave me Dusty today as one of my gifts. I am loving this guy. I can’t decide which head I want to use. The weathering doestake some getting used to but it does help sell the idea that he’s a desert rat kinda guy.

  15. Dusty has always been one of my favorite joes. This one is by far the coolest one yet. I rather like his soft goods cape. I also like the weathering on his arms because it looks like he was in a dust storm. Not a of the guns he came with, though they are cool, it’s nothing hard to fix.

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