When it rains, it pours… BBTS receiving PoC Alpha vehicles Wave 2!

Wow.  Anyone complaining about a lack of Joe product earlier in the year certainly should be happy now.  I no longer got reviews posted for Pursuit of Cobra Wave 1, then Wave 2 hit retail, then the Wave 2 Bravo vehicles hit online stores, and now, I’ve received confirmation from BBTS that my pre-order for the second wave of Alpha vehicles has arrived in their warehouse!  In fact, they’ve listed the set of two vehicles as in stock now.

This includes the awesome looking Ice Cutter w/ Snow Serpent Officer as well as the AWE Striker with Night Fox.  Really looking forward to getting these in hand.  I couldn’t care less about the Striker itself, but Night Fox looks pretty awesome.  And the Ice Cutter really looks like a winner all around.

Keep your eyes open!

One thought on “When it rains, it pours… BBTS receiving PoC Alpha vehicles Wave 2!

  1. I have to disagree about the Ice Cutter. Sure it has some “newness” to it, in that we’ve never gotten any Joe vehicles that look like it in any real capacity, unlike the well overused AWE Striker…again. Unfortunately, from the first time I saw the photos of the Ice Cutter, I immediately thought of the Attak Trak (sp?) from the original Masters of the Universe toy series. Has Hasbro gotten to the point that they have to rehash a competitor’s old toys?! Surely there HAS to be an old GI Joe Cobra arctic vehicle they could re-release, lol. Ah well.

    As with most of the vehicles in this line, I don’t have that much interest in them as they are, especially not the mechs, but while I’d love any or all, (okay most), of the driver figures that these vehicles come with, I simply refuse to buy just to get the figures. The “new” HISS Drivers I could have done without, as they are pretty crappy cop-outs…Thanks a ton, Hasbro, but I’d rather have had another 25th style HISS Driver than a HD head slapped on a Battle Armor CC body with murkyred and black coloration. *Sigh*

    So far, Wave 2 vehicles aren’t impressing me, except for the Fury/Rage, which I never had as a kid.

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