Latest G.I. Joe Q & A Right around the corner

Just as a reminder that Hasbro’s latest round of the G.I. Joe Q & A is coming right up.  Questions are due to be submitted next Monday, September 13th!

If you have any burning questions, post ’em in the comments below.  Can’t promise I’ll use them, but it certainly doesn’t hurt.

6 thoughts on “Latest G.I. Joe Q & A Right around the corner

  1. My Queston is: Will Hasbro plan to continue 25th series (not exacly on 25th signboard) but more ARAH modern era figures which wos not relased yeat like Zarana, Zandar, good version of Monkeywrench, Low Light, Cover Girl, Law & Order etc.

  2. I second Tomas here, lets get a concrete answer from them (if at all possible) as to whether we will get more classic figures with new sculpt construction. Hints and winks or smiles don’t cut it.

    Maybe a very direct question if possible like :

    Are we going to see more classic styled characters with new sculpt construction to fill in the gaps missing from the 25th Anniversary line in the next 12 months? Yes or No.

    Then follow it up with :

    If yes, roughly how many? More than 6? More than 12?

    please and thank you :)

  3. what is there really left to ask…

    renegades toys? cant discuss that at this time.
    sgt. slaughter at retail? havnt worked all the details…more info soon.
    more 25th? while we enjoyed that line…our focus now is on the future.
    more PoC? glad you guys are liking it.
    how is PoC selling? we cannot discuss business aspects of the line, but were satisfied with the performance thus far.
    why arent we seeing PoC en masse…especially at walmart? its up to the individual retail……oh hell, we’re glad youre enjoying the line.

  4. Hasbro puts a lot of detail into the Marvel Universe inserts and bio-cards. In fact, the level of writing and story elements seemed to be aimed at a more “mature” audience and are not dumbed down in any way. Contrast that with the G.I. Joe filecards of late – they contain very little detail and seem directed toward a less sophisticated audience. This wasn’t always the case as the filecards from the ’80s did not patronize and contained a lot of very detailed military information and more “mature” elements. Is there a chance that Hasbro will return to more sophisticated dossiers for the G.I. Joe team? Perhaps brining Larry Hama back on to write filecards with more depth?

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