GeneralsJoes reviews the Pursuit of Cobra G.I. Joe VAMP!

Wait, what?  As I prepared for this review, I tried to spend some time getting some insight from various forums and sites, just trying to figure out what people thought of this vehicle and how much they were anticipating it.  I was shocked with what I read.

There are apparently a lot of Joe fans out there who don’t like the looks of the new VAMP?  Really?  Never would have figured.  I thought it looked like one of the cooler Joe vehicles to come out within the past several years.  Sure, it lacks the nostalgic qualities of the Anniversary retools, but as far as brand, spanking new vehicles go, I was immediately impressed before and after opening the box.

Ah, well…  different strokes for different folks.  Anyway, whether you like the VAMP or not, check out my review on the Pursuit of Cobra Review Page or right here.  You can probably guess what I think of it.

17 thoughts on “GeneralsJoes reviews the Pursuit of Cobra G.I. Joe VAMP!

  1. Can’t wait to find it! Wave 2 is showing up, but not the vehicles, yet. This is just overall awesomeness for me. I love the vehicle, the accessories, the troop carrying capacity, and Clutch finally gets an update. Nothin’ not to like!

  2. Great review Justin, as usual :). Unfortunately, I’ll still be skipping it. The big plastic wheels and oversized launcher makes it look cheap, IMO. I think that if the those red buttons (in the center of the wheels) were black, the ”Hubcaps” were painted to match the main body color and the tires were rubber, it would improve it quite a bit. Sorry, doN,t mean to burst anyone’s bubble :)

  3. While I don’t agree with the rest of the complaints, the red hubs/suspension kind of bug me. It’s so random and stands out horribly with all the muted/dark colors.

  4. While it doesn’t look like a VAMP to me (more of a Brawler) and I think that most pics show too many turret options deployed it’s not a bad looking vehicle!

    Thanks Justin!

  5. Looks like a Hammer/Desert Fox cross. Not the terrible dogs the rest of PoC vehicle seem to have been.

  6. I love it, but that missile launcher is going in the garbage. However, everything else is pretty great. I can agree with the frustration over the red undercarriage, but that’s nothing a quick app of spray-paint can’t fix.

    Great pics, BTW.

  7. Looking forward to seeing this in the stores. Depending if the suspension is removable I might try to dye it black. That’s about the only think on it that I don’t like.

  8. Yes, an awesome vehicle. Strange that I’m so drawn to this vehicle as I do like the sci-fi element of PoC, but this vehicle harkens back to the pure military days of GIJoe (82-84) sans the yellow missiles and red under carriage.

    I also agree with you Justin that clever use of paint has given Tomahawk and Clutch a similar but distinct look, not unlike real life where people have near identical looks but still have slight differences. Clutch looks like Clutch for sure. Still think the head is slightly big, but then my nephew has an over-sized head as well, so I can’t really gripe about it being unrealistic can I? ;)

    Would like a few of these for my Resolute collectiona and my PoC collection.

  9. Thanks for the review, Justin. I’m still not sold on this vehicle however. The Humvee that was released during the V3 line will stay as the Joe’s main mode of transportation. Honestly, we’ve just seen so many jeep-like vehicles the idea of another one is ‘meh’ to me. And the Clutch (which would normally be enough for me to warrant purchasing) leaves me a bit cold. That being said, Hasbro should really try to concentrate on upping the Joe’s air-superiority. How about an update on the Sky-Striker or Tomahawk?

  10. seems like its doing its best impression of a Joe vehicle. like it should be just left of the Joe section……right where they stock “the CORPS!” toys.

    you guys enjoy.

  11. I love your pic’s! They almost makes me want the new Vamp. Almost… I’m sorry but I’m not very impressed with this new vehicle. It looks too generic. Maybe if Hasbro added a few paint app’s it would change my opinion. The raw plastic plus snap on wheels (with no hub caps) leaves me cold.

    On a side note my son has had the generic CORPS version of the Vamp for six months. It has taken heavy abuse and is still in good shape. IMO the CORPS Vamp is a much better looking vehicle and it’s half the price. From personal experience it stands up to kid testing…

  12. its ok looking i guess. the red suspension is a terrible color choice, the wheels should be painted something to break up the black. the spring loaded laucher really detracts from how cool the lines of the vehicle are. the clutch figure is terrible, there are a dozen better looking legs and arms they could have used. the wild weasel boots look like those winter/rain boots. at least he can give a thumbs up with his left hand. its a very good attempt and almost hits the mark, but i dont think enough to make me buy it.

  13. I agree with those dissing it, shocked you gave it so many stars even with your complaints about Clutch! I preferred the very similar Hammer or Desert Fox over this from a design standpoint, and the hot pink and yellow seals the (no) deal for me.

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  15. Does it not seems like there was a full set of doors originally intended on this? The somewhat notches and offset thicknesses of the body around what would be the door frame really seem to me like spots that a “door” would fit. With that rather solid rear wall between the back seat and the cargo area, it really seems like Hasbro made a decision to cut a few pieces off to save money, namely doors and top hatches that would have made this a more light-armored 4wd truck.

    As is, this seems very much more plain jeep like, very much like a civilian real-life 4-door wrangler, crossed with the new Oshkosh corporation ‘ute. Much more compact than a humvee or the Joe Hammer/ Brawler.

    I mean, I like a lot of what I see on this new VAMP, but for me, I would like to add either a very light and fast all-terrain vehicle, or a light-armored multi-purpose truck to me motor pool.

    I’m on the fence as to whether I really want to add this. As cool as it looks, it’s those little things…, the little details that are big sways for me. The tow hook is a HUGE plus, as are the tools and fuel tanks. The spare is very appreciated, as well. Lots of space is a cool kicker, as is a huge jaw winch. Much playability!

    The weapons are the weakest link for me. With the “hood” gun as exception, the others still feel like those GvC over-sized blobs. Ammo canisters and belts can help, but at scale these don’t always bend or sit like the real thing might, and end up seeming awkward and space consuming.

    Missile design has been kind of “McDonalds,” too. Just overall, safety or whatever reason, seems like most of these are just randomly tossed in so the blob-launcher can shoot something that isn’t pointy.

    I like the what I’m seeing, still, don’t get me wrong. I’m thinking more 3 to 3-1/2 star from what I’ve see on pictures and descriptions. 1/2 star off for figure, 1/2 star off for not-to-potential colors, and 1/2 star off for over-all design “misses.” (like no doors or panels; or think of it as when someone says, “if only it had this.”) And then, even though it’s picky, I’d kick it down another 1/2 star for not having weapons that fit within the same interchangeable system as the HISS and Doom Cycle.

    If there is going to a system with multiple weapons spots, there really has to be an all-around compatibility, especially for vehicles that are on the shelf at the same time. Inter-play is something that IS or IS NOT, none of this sort-of fits stuff.

    Which all of this is none of our faults, I’m just saying that’s how I would judge what’s there.

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