2011 G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club incentive figure revealed, and it’s a doozy!

Wow.  Something tells me the Collectors’ Club might be the biggest benefactor of Hasbro’s shift to non-Anniversary product, if this is any indication.

SNAKE EYES on HissTank.com is reporting that the 2011 GIJCC Incentive figure is none other than Dial Tone.  With a newly sculpted head and his familiar 1986 style, this fills a huge hole in the 1986 roster and I think will make a lot of fans very happy.

There are currently no images of the figure, but it was announced in the latest issue of the G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club newsletter.  Kudos to the Club for getting a chance to explore the undone Anniversary figures, and this means nothing but good things for those fans who are clamoring for this stuff.  Makes me excited to see some Con Set reveal info, that’s for sure.

Check out the GIJoe Collectors Club site to join now and ensure that you get your hands on Dial Tone in 2011!  A big thanks to The Terror Drome Twitter page for the heads up.

18 thoughts on “2011 G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club incentive figure revealed, and it’s a doozy!

  1. This pisses me off a little. The Club guys always act like they don’t have the budget of two dimes for membership figures, yet the first year they go to 25th style, they slap a new head on that sucker!

    I dunno, I find it suspicious how quickly all the O-ring molds just deteriorated and disappeared.

    My TFCC Sideburn better have a new head-sculpt next year too.

  2. And they just achieved what I’m sure they are hoping for….new members, with me becoming a member for the first time in my life.

    Kick-ass! This is awesome news.

  3. OH YES!!!! one of my birthday requests was to get my club membership upgraded to Officer Level!!!

    YES!! I’m getting a 25th style Dial-Tone!!! WOO-HOO!!!!

  4. Looks like I finally have a reason to join as well! And since I’m joining, I guess it might be time to pick up the Adventure Team figures I wanted.

  5. I’m excited – so totally excited!

    Dial-tone is one of those figures I had put away, sure that Hasbro and yes, even the Club wouldn’t really touch. He’s just a commo-guy (Hasbro seems to try to make every single figure at least somewhat overtly aggressive) and he has been intentionally replaced – officially – by a girl. No real complaints, I’m just saying I knew to not expect him at the party.

    But now? I’m so happy! The Club has really been earning it’s membership fee – Adventure Team sets (Venom), SDCC Slaughter, the convention sets and of course, the club figure!

    Call me crazy, but alot of times their yearly figures will have SOMETHING to do with their convention set. Their Transformers products include Dion, from their Elite Guard series and Cyclonus, from their Shattered Glass series. Even Joe has had the MARS Invades Undertow… so I don’t know… could this mean next years convention set might be a ‘Salute to the MIA’ set? Time will tell! : D

  6. This will definitely get me to reenlist. I haven’t been a member since maybe 2007? I think the last club figure I got was Copperhead.

  7. I joined the Club on Tuesday, more-or-less banking on the odds that the membership figure would be something I wanted. I’m pleased to see that I was not mistaken! Now comes the hard part–the anticipation of pictures… followed by the anticipation of arrival…

    As far as new parts go, I don’t believe DT’s backpack has been done yet, has it? I know the gun came with Mainframe, so that’s covered… but DT’s backpack was pretty unique to him, and I’d hate to see them do a new head when there are at least 4 that could be made to work, yet skimp on the gear and give us Falcon’s radio or something.

  8. I have the same beef Luke. Everytime there’s been a Dial-Tone released, I’ve been praying we get his unique backpack. I hope the club comes through and we get it this time. Dial-Tone isn’t meant to be carrying around Falcon’s radio, or Stretcher’s backpack, or breaker’s communications rig.

  9. I’m in too. Love Dial-tone, and with the move to 25th sculpt, I’m pretty ecstatic. I do hope, however, that they go with a better articulation and hands than we would have gotten had he come out in the 25th line…We’ll see. Can’t wait!

  10. Personally, and this may just be me, but I’d like to see someone (Hasbro, the Club, I’m not picky) tackle some of these figures that we know there is existing gear for. HEAT-Viper, Annihilator, Spearhead, etc. I appreciate whole-filling as much as the next collector, but really, some of these would be absurdly easy with only minimal new parts (heads, mostly). They would be so easy, in fact, that I dread customizing them, because you know the very moment I put all that work into it…

    It just feels like a cheat to know for a fact that the kit exists for a guy no one’s making, while they make other characters and slap the gear of MIAs on them.

    Argh… the (fabricated) angst of being a collector/customizer. :)

  11. This is really cool news and I became a member today. Would love to see some other missing classics in the 25th style.

  12. @Luke when i first saw specialist tracker i was all like “yes! that means eventually i’ll see an annihilator!” but now i guess that ain’t happening. i agree that it’s kinda weird for their to clearly be parts made for a character that never got made in the 25th style.

  13. Damn it. I thought the membership figures were going to be the last of the ARAH molds? Unless they release the MANTA Squad in ARAH, I have zero interest in the Club from here on out.

  14. In addition to the original comm-pack he needs a can of beans like in that episode of the cartoon where he got fired and sat on a cot and ate beans.

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