An onslaught of PoC Ice Cutter images emerge

Wow, this is a popular vehicle overseas… a few Asian sites have posted more galleries of the upcoming Ice Cutter w/ Snow Serpent Officer, including ACToys and  I’m sorry, but this little vehicle just looks bad ass.  I love that huge single tire in the back (very reminiscent of the wildly underrated Street  Razor from Sigma 6) and that cannon is absolutely awesome.  I’m usually not big on the arctic vehicles, but jeez.  So freaking cool.

Check out the mirrored images below and thanks to The Terror Drome and the twitter page of Adam16bit for the info!



9 thoughts on “An onslaught of PoC Ice Cutter images emerge

  1. The red gear just doesn’t look right, and would only be suitable if you were traversing across a blood-strewn snowy landscape!

  2. If anyone was looking for a Snow Serpent Crimson Guardsman, this could fit the bill. Outside of that I’m not sure what Hasbro was thinking with the red highlights. They’ve released some awesome revisions of this figure in the Extreme Conditions Arctic set and the Toys R Us RoC Snow Serpent, but this one isn’t as good as those. Even the Arctic HISS driver was better than a Snow Serpent wearing bright red highlights. Hmm… could also be a Snow Serpent Medic, but wow is that red bright.

  3. I really like this vehicle but I wonder if it’d work in other environments besides Arctic because personally I don’t really collect stuff for that environment since it’s so hot were I live.
    Now Urban,Jungle,and Desert I’m all for.
    As for the Driver, it doesn’t look too bad especially if you use it like meyerc13 said. I’d be my first Snow Serpent if I get it.

  4. justin, you make me laugh! i do love ya!

    when you use the words “i dont like arctic themed…” its always followed by a “but” or “however”!
    face it friend, you LOVE arctic themed joe toys!!

    me? ive ALWAYS loved envionmental specific figs.
    cobra trooper…soldier
    kinda boring to me….


    dusty….desert trooper!
    recondo….jungle trooper!
    snow serpent….arctic trooper!

    the specialized guys, though looking funny hanging around the pit in their gear…were always more interesting to me.

    of course, i have Joeitis…..put firefly in IHOP wait staff gear, and im there!

  5. oh, and as far as that ice cutter is concerned…when it hits $2.50 at target, i may……MAY, pick it up.

    the inclusion of the red, especially on the snow serpent, is horrible. (the gun, not too bad. makes it feel vintage..the red wiper blade though…really?)
    the snow serpent has always been a fave of mine too. that red? cant do it.

  6. I’m not feeling the read either. However, it does say he’s a Snow Serpent Officer. Maybe he’s not meant to go hoofing it with the troops and is supposed to stay in the vehicle, hence the colors. They’re saying “I’m too good to waste freezing my @$$ off outside rather than being cozy behind the wheel

  7. It could be Heli viper if you swap out all the fur parts.

    Also, you could repaint the ice cutter black and have a great urban vehicle.

  8. The red appears to be very unpopular… I guess I’m in the minority, because I think it’s very striking. Practical? Of course not. But wow does it pop! Loving it.

  9. Red doesn’t do anything for me. I might like it better if that had released the red ice vipers in the POC line, but these will just stand out for no reason.

    Still, as a pilot/driver/operator/whatever I really don’t care that he is wearing red. I guess if he got stranded it would be good to have for a search and rescue team or something…

    Oh, and I love love LOVE his gun. They need to include that gun with other figures.

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