GeneralsJoes Reviews the Toys “R” Us Exclusive Quick Kick

While I had a chance to review Spirit quite some time ago, this is my first opportunity to follow up with the other recently released Toys “R” Us Exclusive…  Quick Kick!

Quick Kick has never been one of my favorites, did this new version change my mind any?  Check out the Pursuit of Cobra Review Page, or just hit the review directly right here.

Bruce Lee Wannabe

8 thoughts on “GeneralsJoes Reviews the Toys “R” Us Exclusive Quick Kick

  1. Thanks for the great photos. I’ve really been looking forward to finding this figure, and now I want it even more. It’s such a huge improvement over the 25th Anniversary version. Hopefully my TRU will finally have the exclusives this weekend.

  2. Yeah, I agree with ya here. Okay figure, but he doesn’t do anything amazing. I don’t like the shirt and the big ‘ol mits he has for hands can’t hold his sword or nunchuks very well. I think I would have liked him better with a different shirt and hands. He functions as he is, but not well. At least he looks cool.

  3. You have to give credit for this great figure even being available. The DVD Quick Kick still eludes many fans, and adding in canceled figure/rare figure accessories just makes it that much better. Placing QK in the Urban Assault theme from the PoC line is pretty awesome; I can just see our Hero here sweeping up Alley Vipers in room to room skirmishes.

    I’d just like to add that I find the dislike for Quick Kick pretty odd considering the same G.I. Joe license has many other non-military characters or otherwise odd selections in it. Certainly QK is just as valid as Dreadnoks, ninjas, mad scientist/dentists, and a long list of non-traditional weapon specialists. I mean, why not? At least they had the creativity to do some interesting things with the character.

  4. Hola, this figure looks a tribute to Bruce Lee, is very cool- the most deadly martial-art master on the good side with the best good guys- Gi Joe!

    However I would prefer to have a new Kamakura version as night stealth outfit, like ninja, like commando as his Master

  5. i did see about 6 of QK the day i found 2 spirits (and have seen neither since). a few things keep my interest low on QK…
    —didnt like him, nor did i own him as a kid (there have been plenty of updates i didnt like as a kid that i like now)

    —the paint apps were dreadful

    —so far, all PoC figs look better as you put more gear on them…QK needs to lose gear to look passable.

    —as much as QK sucks, spirit rocks. having those in hand at the same time, the only new figs to buy, QK just couldnt make the cut.

    —considering my above gripes, TRUs $7.50 price-point is just short of obscene (though i didnt think twice for paying that for spirit)

    sorry quick kick….my case of Joeitis just isnt that bad. check back after PoC has ended, and youre warming the pegs and i need a joe to open…maybe then we’ll talk.

  6. My favorite part about this figure is the more headswap-condusive skin tone. Lots of generic military bodies this head looks good on.

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