The Red Shadows are back and more dangerous than ever! To secure an alliance with Cobra, the Black Major must demonstrate the power of his mind-altering chemical weapons to Cobra Commander and Flint is the perfect guinea pig. Now a handful of G.I.Joe and Action Force agents must stop the Red Shadows and save Flint before he goes irrevocably insane. With amazing cover art by famed G.I. Joe artist Tim Seeley.

Tim Seeley provides an amazing cover for this exciting Red Shadows story, based on the 2010 G.I.Joe convention exclusive figure set! Interior art by G.I. Joe artist Sheldon Goh. Featuring exclusive character Dossiers and other bonus content.

Price: $4.95 Pages 32

Walk, Run, Drive to or Call your local comic shop and make sure to ask them to order the GI JOE VS COBRA FALL SPECIAL: VACATION IN THE SHADOWS!

August newsletter online at

JoeCanuck’s post-convention breakdown includes releasing the latest installment of their collectors’ newsletter.  Great images, some nice details about putting together the convention set, and the latest installment of the always excellent JoeCanuck comic book are all there for your perusal.

Checkout the latest issue right here, and remember you can look at archives of all past issues on!

Hasbro’s Instruction Archive has some hidden gems

Something that many folks aren’t aware of is that Hasbro keeps an online repository of their instruction manuals for many of their toys, including G.I. Joe items.  Some times it can be a treasure trove of cool information.

Friend of GeneralsJoes, notpicard revealed recently on HissTank that some cancelled or re-purposed vehicles for Rise of Cobra have instruction manuals already uploaded, including the much anticipated Ashiko w/ Cycle Armor.  That’s an instruction book that’s likely to get a lot of use!

The .PDF’s can be found at the following locations, and I also exported a bunch to image files which I’ve mirrored below.  Very cool find!

Armored Panther
Cobra Fury with Alley Viper Officer
Cycle Armor with Ashiko
H.I.S.S. Attack Scout

Air Assault with Capt. Ace
Cobra Flight Pod with Elite Viper
Jungle Terror Twin Battle Gun with Range Viper
RAM Cycle with Sandstorm
Road Rebel with Tunnel Rat 2005
Smokescreen Transport with Beachhead 2005

GeneralsJoes reviews Pursuit of Cobra Firefly

And this is it…  just as Wave 2 has started hitting retail, I’m posting the last of the Pursuit of Cobra Wave 2 figures.  Firefly was somewhat of a mixed bag to me…his bulky vest limits some range of motion, but he looks so incredible, it almost makes up for it.  I absolutely love his demonic alternate head sculpt, and the overall look of the figure is amazing, I just wish he could move better all geared up.

But enough synopsis…read the entire review on the Pursuit of Cobra Review Page, or directly right here.

PoC Firefly

Alexx takes a look at Pursuit of Cobra Duke

That’s how I knew the Pursuit of Cobra line was going to be great.  Any branch of G.I. Joe that could once again make me care about Duke was one that had to be respected.  In fact, not only has Pursuit of Cobra convinced me that Duke is a credible character again, but they managed to take one of the most overexposed characters and make him quite possibly the best figure in Wave 1.  The head sculpt, the webgear, the backpack, accessories, and posability.  Everyone raves about Beachhead, but I gotta be honest, I think Duke’s got him beat.

So when Alexx over at JoeBattleLines took a look at the figure, I knew I had to make mention because the more people that know how bad ass this figure is, the better.  In fact, if I can ever find Pursuit of Cobra on store shelves, I will likely buy a bunch of Dukes just so I can cobble together some awesome jungle recon teams.  This figure is versatile, posable, and downright fantastic.  Too bad it gets the short straw simply because he’s Duke.  Check out the mirrored images below.

Some details revealed about G.I. Joe: Origins #19

Larry Hama is quite the profilic poster over on his Facebook page, but doesn’t talk about G.I. Joe all that often.  Recently he put up a post about his upcoming work on G.I. Joe: Origins #19 and gave us a few minor little tidbits that I’m sure will whet everyone’s appetite for this upcoming issue:

“I took a stab at another silent Snake-Eyes story, but with
more complex visual storytelling and self-imposed parameters like keeping track
of ammo and ordnance expenditures. “Wrote” it and did
layouts. The amazing Joe Benitez did the finished art. It should be
on the stands in September.”

I’m really looking forward to checking this out.  Joe Benitez does awesome work, and it sounds like Larry was really invested in the story again this time around.  I think we’re in for a nice treat.