Sideshow Collectibles 12″ Firefly Reviewed!

A huge thanks goes out to regular GeneralsJoes contributor Mysterious Stranger for chipping in yet again and getting me a review of the recently released Sideshow Collectibles 12″ Firefly.  This figure has caused somewhat of a conflict among the fandom, as it doesn’t very accurately represent how Firefly initially appeared, and certainly takes some liberties with the design scheme in the interest of modern realism.

I think the figure looks great, and I think Stranger agrees.

Check out his full review right here!

Pursuit of Cobra Wave 2 hitting US retail. No that is not a typo!

Big thanks to “williamzombie” of for letting folks know that he stumbled upon Pursuit of Cobra Wave 2 at his local Target.  The thread report is right here, and he provided pictorial proof, which I’ve mirrored below.

Yeesh!  And here I just made a 300 mile trek two days ago and couldn’t even find wave ONE.

Good to know they’ll be out there for someone, though, I’ll stick to e-tailers.