Great new images of upcoming PoC figures – Jungle Viper!

The Terror Drome has been doing a great job getting samples of upcoming Pursuit of Cobra figures…with Wave 1 slowly making its way to retail and Wave 2 in the wings, they’ve posted two more albums in Scoop’s Dark Room for the upcoming Jungle Assault “Tornado Kick” Snake Eyes and the much dreamed for “Jungle-Viper”.

I know everyone is in love with that Jungle-Viper…and he’s cool and all, but the pictures that excite me the most are the ones without his clunky wing armor.  While that certainly looks flashy, I like my figures able to be posed and “played with” and versatile, and with all of that plastic mess all over him, I don’t see how that’s possible.  Let’s hope with a little streamlining, he still makes for a cool Cobra jungle trooper.  Check out the links and the mirrored images below.

Cobra Jungle-Viper

Jungle Snake Eyes

5 thoughts on “Great new images of upcoming PoC figures – Jungle Viper!

  1. That Jungle-Viper looks heavenly, and versatile with a few trims. Jungle Snake-Eyes… that action attack kills it for me, and the figure is a weird hodgepodge of ideas. Like he’s comprised of leftovers.

  2. There is something else missing on that Jungle Viper; where’s the helmet? I guess in a humid jungle environment this design makes more sense as a sniper hiding in the bush, but if they were going to merge this design with the Night Viper, then I suppose I was expecting more similar gear. I don’t see this figure as being a replacement the NV, but another great specialty trooper. He’s not a Night Viper at all. He’s a sniper and I expect that with a little color or shape variation on his gear he could work in just about any environment.

  3. I don’t think they got the head right for that version of Snake Eyes.
    It should be a blond unmasked head with nothing more than black sunglasses sculpted in place.
    Then it could be the Jonny Cage figure that it should be.
    I see Mortal Kombat.

  4. if it werent for that “plastic mess”….i wouldnt be remotely interested in the jungle viper.

  5. I don’t know what it is but Jungle Viper just doesn’t do it for me. This figure just comes across as….meh. I guess it’s ok, but it doesn’t look even close to as cool as Alley Viper does. Looking forward to Dusty from this wave.

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