GeneralsJoes reviews Pursuit of Cobra Doom Cycle and Ghost Hawk

Hot on the heels of reviewing the Pursuit of Cobra Mech Suits, I’ve posted reviews for the two Alpha vehicles released in wave 1 of the Pursuit of Cobra.  With a pair of new characters using limited new tooling, will these smaller scale vehicles fare better than their Rise of Cobra counterparts?

Check out the Pursuit of Cobra Review Page to find out, or hit the links below.

10 thoughts on “GeneralsJoes reviews Pursuit of Cobra Doom Cycle and Ghost Hawk

  1. The Doom Cycle really is very fun! I also echo the fact that it must have been a DTC item (or Robot Rebellion) before this. The plug is one thing, but the handles on the bike are also a bit bigger than the handles they’ve been making for the smaller hands of the new sculpt line.

    Anyway, I also agree with the sentiments on the Ghost Hawk. While I don’t care for the figure, the ship is just awesome!

  2. Those black elbows are just perma-bruises after the wipeouts he’s taken.

    And what’s with Tomahawk being a FORMER Air Force pilot? Did he leave the Air Force for the Army and a lower rank? Or is this trying to hint that he left the Air Force to join G.I. Joe?

  3. On the Ghost Hawk; To me it is a working product based on the COBRA Gunship design and technology. The US Air Force reverse/prototype engineered this baby to be lighter and faster, but more than anything to counter the fast reflexes of that Gunship design with a lighter package. You can see where I jump off a storyline here. If a toy inspires that for me, then I’m bound to love it. Great update. You can see that Hasbro has gone all Mecha-inspired on the 2010 vehicle offerings thus far.

  4. I imagine that the interior of the Ghost Hawk canopy is really a huge high definition monitor that shows the feeds from a number of different miniature hidden cameras all over the ship. This gives the pilot the illusion and freedom of having an unobstructed view while experiencing the protection of an armored cockpit.

  5. I got both of these earlier in the week. They are both great vehicles. Tomahawk will probably lose hit position as a pilot for the Ghosthawk to Ace, but I’m all for a new ‘Nok.

  6. The unpainted red interior of the new Ghost Hawk cockpit is totally a VR display, showing an entire, unobstructed 360 view to the pilot.

  7. On the Ghost Hawk, I think it looks really nice. I thought the 25th version looked really awesome, too.

    Didn’t we have a debate on whether or not the Sky Hawk could even get off the ground back on the DDP boards? Did we solve that?

    And for more fun, A.G.P. versus Ghost Hawk versus Flight Pod…versus?

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