GI Joe Con 2011 Location and Dates Announced!

In a surprise email from the GI Joe Collectors’ Club, the location and dates of the 2011 G.I. Joe Convention have been revealed!  Here is the context of the email:

The 2011 International G.I. Joe Collectors’ Convention “G.I. Joe Con” will be held in Orlando, Florida, at the Walt Disney World Dolphin Resort, March 31-April 3!  This is an outstanding property at an outstanding rate!  You will not want to miss this one.  Orlando will be perfect this time of year, so bring the whole family for this fun-filled weekend!

Make your hotel reservations now at

Convention registration will be available this fall.  Watch for our new online registration system!”

The last time JoeCon was in Orlando was for the 2004 convention, and it was a BLAST.  While I’m sure there will be some concern about the dates, hopefully no one will be upset about the location.  Time to start thinking on whether or not I can make it next year.

8 thoughts on “GI Joe Con 2011 Location and Dates Announced!

  1. Less than 8 months notice? I really want to go because it will most likely be a 25th style set but that’s not much time to plan and save.

  2. Talking to the girlfriend about this right now, but I think we’ll be coming down for this. How’s the weather in late March/early April?

  3. Damm!! This is huge bonus for me. I live in Miami so it can easier for me to get to Orlando then anywhere else. (Unless the Con were in Miami itself)

    All I need now is for the Con set to be bad ass then I’m out of excuses.

  4. I’m in Charlotte, but that is such an odd time of the year for those of us in school. I’ll have to see.

  5. While it’s nice that it starts on my birthday, having the con at Disney in Orlando in this economy is ridiculous. You’ll spend so much on your lodging, etc that there will be little left for the club exclusives.

    It looks like I’ll be passing again.

  6. My wife and I were looking to take a second honeymoon to Disney in September, but having Joe Con in Disney three weeks from our Anniversary is too good to pass up. The wifey and I are officially in! Woot!

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