GeneralsJoes reviews the Pursuit of Cobra Mechs

Although I already have a nice number of Pursuit of Cobra items posted on the PoC Review Page, this begins the more official kick off of my Pursuit of Cobra reviews!  Some of my previous reviews are based on pre-production items, or items I acquired prior to retail release, but the Mechs signify the first items I’ve bought from regular retail.  Expect to see reviews continue full steam ahead until the first allotment of PoC greatness has been covered.

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6 thoughts on “GeneralsJoes reviews the Pursuit of Cobra Mechs

  1. I wholeheartedly agree with your assessment of the COBRA Deviant. I knew from the get go that if Hasbro didn’t include some better arm attachments the COBRA mech would be a lackluster failure and it is. Even if Hasbro had just included the dual laser cannon from the original S6 Iron Hammer buying the Deviant would be justifiable, but as it is now it’s just a joke.

  2. So Glad I’m back to chime in on this one, Yes, the retail version is lacking, but And I cannot stress this enough, you can interchange the weapons from older DTC vehicles as well as some of the 2.5 sigma 6 weapons, giving the retail version an upgrade (That’s how Destro does things), he sells Cobra the basic package making them spend for the “Deluxe” Model.

    I seen an review not long ago showing how you could mix and match the weapons, so both have loads of play value.

  3. I’m not really moved a whole lot by the Deviant’s arms, but I do like the pilot. Awesome call on the BAT arms. I’d have loved to have seen the BAT arms and where normally they detach for accessories maybe have a flared leather glove for rotation or maybe some armor there similar to POC Firefly’s. That would be a kickass custom to screw around with if I had an extra BAT.

    Thanks for the reviews! The Steel Marauder really took me by surprise and I’m debating on the Deviant as a foe. Marauder looks pretty great with Firefly and Alley-Vipers in his clutches, but I’d like to get him to tangle with another mech. I like Kickstart also, I might paint his elbow pads black or even go the whole 9 and paint them up like Resolute since the tooling’s there.

    Thanks for the reviews!

  4. Put the Deviant in an urban environment with the new PoC Alley Vipers and I think you’ll see it differently. As an urban assault mech it works really well. The battering ram for knocking down building walls, the grappling hook for pulling down doors and fences or dragging cars, the guns on the grapple for pounding the shit out of whatever its hooked on to… just imagine a couple of these things leading a unit of Alley Vipers down the street and try not to crap your pants.

    Yeah I need a couple of the Deviant and some Alley Vipers to go with it.

  5. Great reviews!! I cant wait to find them! I was planning to rotate the Deviant’s battering ram around and judge for myself if it looks enough like a gun to use it that way. The grappling hook I can see it shooting that hook into a building or vehicle then a beam of energy shoots down it electrofying (wow I need spell check)the object and -KABOOM- Huge explosions!! Lets see a urban shot of one of these bad boys coming down the street with the AV around them…that is awesome!!

  6. Listen to Mysterious Stranger! This really shines as a city mech, and I’m gona show it with the old Ghostbuster house to prove that point. I do agree that it’s the lesser of the two, but the weapons in question are still more useful than they seem.

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