G.I. Joe: Renegades Voice Cast revealed!

When I first saw the tweets from the Hub this morning, who was commenting from the Television Critics’ Association I had a feeling some news would be coming out today.  Not a whole lot, but we got a great idea of some of the voice cast who will be speaking through some of our favorite characters!  A huge thanks to Toy News International for getting this information out there.

Not only am I going to talk about who the revealed voice actors are, I’m gonna give my own .02 on who they might be playing, as well as a link to their current resume.  So, here’s the run down:

Lee Majors – Pretty self explanatory.   A great resume, a surprise addition.

  • Famous Roles – The Six Million Dollar Man, Steve Austin.  The Fall Guy.
  • Character Guess – General “Hawk” Abernathy.  He has the age, he has the dignity and the attitude.  I can’t see him playing anyone else.

Clancy Brown – A long and storied acting and voice acting career.  If you’ve watched action cartoons over the past 10 years, you know the voice.

  • Famous Roles – Shawshank Redeption; Lex Luthor (in Superman and Justice League animated series)
  • Character Guess – Destro.  He has that “holier than thou” corporate magnate flair.  I would love to see this happen, I think he would make for an incredible James McCullen Destro.

Charlie Adler – Also has had a very long and illustrious career, and I can guarantee, nearly everyone reading this post has heard his voice.

  • Famous Roles – Cobra Commander, Gung Ho, Flint (G.I. Joe: Resolute); Starscream (Transformers, Revenge of the Fallen, Transformers: Prime); Dr. Doom (The Super Hero Squad Show)
  • Character Guess – Gotta be Cobra Commander.  He did a fantastic job in Resolute as Cobra’s insidious leader, and it would be an awesome homage.

Jason Marsden – Not quite as well known as some of the other voice actors, but he’s definitely had a presence over the past number of years.  Not quite as well known as his older brother James (Cyclops from the X-Men films)

  • Famous Roles – Firefly (The Batman)
  • Character Guess – Duke.  Michael Bell’s early leaked comments reflected that fact, so this one is pretty much a known commodity.

Kevin Michael Richardson – Another name with a lot of voice acting experience, though you may not know him right off the tip of your tongue.  He’s had a lot of great roles over the past several years.

  • Famous Roles – The Joker (The Batman); Bishop (Wolverine and the X-Men); L. Thompson Lincoln/Tombstone (The Spectacular Spider-Man); Nick Fury (The Superhero Squad)
  • Character Guess – Roadblock.  He’s got the stature, he’s got the gravitas, and based on the characters he’s played, I think he would do a fantastic Roadblock.

Johnny Messner – Honestly, I had to look this one up.  He’s had a long film career, mostly bit parts, and no real voice acting that I can find.  Several CSI iterations, other television roles.

  • Famous Roles – Tears of the Sun, Anacondas: Hunt for the Blood Orchid
  • Character Guess – Not a clue, really.  Flint perhaps?

This is sounding like a fantastic line up.  Majors, Brown, Adler, and Richardson already have me fired up.  These are guys we’ve heard in cartoons for a long time who have a lot of experience and  bring some great talent to the table.  Renegades is looking better by the day.

7 thoughts on “G.I. Joe: Renegades Voice Cast revealed!

  1. I think you are short selling Clancy Brown by jotting him down as Destro. I mean, that might be it, and he’d certainly do a good job of it, but he’s got a fairly good vocal range, what with being Mr. Krabs from Spongebob AND The Kurgan from Highlander.

    He could probably do a workable voice for just about any character on the show, but my personal pic for him would actually be Flint, which would probably end up sounding fairly close to his Captain Black/Captain Stacy/Sgt Zim.

  2. An all-star legendary cast. I do wish they’d use a Scottish actor to play Destro, like in “RESOLUTE”. I never would have figured Lee Majors, but it is an excellent choice. I always wished Bruce Campbell did voice-overs. He would have made a great real-life Flint… 20-30 years ago. I still watch “Brisco County Jr.”

    I do remember Johnny Messner from “Tears of the Sun”. He played the SEAL with the mohawk, he died shielding a young girl from enemy fire. He played a good role in that movie.

  3. I’m a big enough fan of Clancy Brown to think he could portray anyone, but without a doubt Destro would be my first choice.

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