More great Alexx Shorts – Pursuit of Cobra coolness

Over at JoeBattleLines, Alexx continues to pump out the “Alexx Shorts” which are quickly becoming less short and more full-fledged reviews.  He’s started diving more headlong into the Pursuit of Cobra stuff, which I’m psyched to see.  Below I’m mirroring some of his great images with links to the reviews themselves on JBL.  Some very cool stuff.

Steel Marauder w/ Kickstart

Pursuit of Cobra Storm Shadow

I gotta say that Pursuit of Cobra Storm Shadow is really growing on me.  He was one of the weak links when I first saw him, and to an extent, I suppose he still is, but I find myself really drawn towards the middle eastern design of his uniform, and those weapons are sick.  I’ve got one in the wings, prepping to review it, I find myself really looking forward to doing it now, more than I was previously.

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  1. This is the ONLY POC figure I have come across at retail…I will not buy another SS until I have the POC figures. Sorry nothing personnel,but I have A SS…many SS. But this guy and the next one(that looks like Shinobi) may be combined to make Slice.

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