G.I. Joe: Operation HISS Webisode 7 Online

Hot on the heels of the Pursuit of Cobra revamp of GIJoe.com, Hasbro has also posted the latest installment of their much maligned Operation: HISS animated series.  Check it out right here, and I’ve also grabbed some screen caps below.

Obviously the producers here know some of their past G.I. Joe history, with a nice little tribute to the Silent Issue…  it still amazes me that these webisodes are so short, though.  Tough to tell a decent story in 2 minutes.

“Fun with Mechs” – Werecat’s Steel Marauder Squad

When it comes to Mechs and the G.I. Joe universe, I would imagine most folks are either for them or against them.  Either you can accept them into your current universe, or they are simply too futuristic and science fiction for you.

Well, I think it’s safe to say Werecat of JoeSightings and JoeBattleLines accepts them.  In fact, using the Steel Marauder as well as the awesome Sigma 6 Iron Hammer, he has built a squad of mechs, each utilizing some different weaponry with some different specialties.  There are some really awesome combinations here!

Check out the original thread on JoeBattleLines, and I’ve also mirrored some images below.  I loved the Mechs anyway, but seeing this squad of them makes them even cooler…some great ideas here.

More great Alexx Shorts – Pursuit of Cobra coolness

Over at JoeBattleLines, Alexx continues to pump out the “Alexx Shorts” which are quickly becoming less short and more full-fledged reviews.  He’s started diving more headlong into the Pursuit of Cobra stuff, which I’m psyched to see.  Below I’m mirroring some of his great images with links to the reviews themselves on JBL.  Some very cool stuff.

Steel Marauder w/ Kickstart

Pursuit of Cobra Storm Shadow

I gotta say that Pursuit of Cobra Storm Shadow is really growing on me.  He was one of the weak links when I first saw him, and to an extent, I suppose he still is, but I find myself really drawn towards the middle eastern design of his uniform, and those weapons are sick.  I’ve got one in the wings, prepping to review it, I find myself really looking forward to doing it now, more than I was previously.

Canadian JoeCon special Attende exclusive!

Like me, you probably thought the Hailstorm was all she wrote for the Canadian JoeCon exclusives this year.  Apparently not!

Revealed today on JoeCanuck.com as a special limited edition “Attendee Exclusive”, we have a Cobra North version of the fan favorite Cobra SNAKE!

Awesome!  Love the blue.  Check out the filecard and full details on JoeCanuck.  Canadian JoeCon is THIS weekend.  Are you going?

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