GeneralsJoes Reviews Rise of Cobra TRU Doc and Shipwreck

It seems only appropriate as August 1st looms tomorrow, and I’ve officially lived out my promise for one review per day until the “official” Pursuit of Cobra launch, that I do a review of two figures that were walking the line between Cobra “Rising” and the  Joes “Pursuing”.

While the fifth wave of single pack figures for G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra officially kicked off the whole “pursuit” theme, both Doc and Shipwreck from the Toys “R” Us Headquarters for Heroes subline carried that torch as well.  Both sporting “Arctic Assault” tags on their packaging, and both quite obviously designed to chase Destro through the snow and ice.

So as these figures bridged that gap between The Rise of Cobra and the Pursuit of Cobra, I figure it’s apt that I use them to bridge the gap here as well.

Gap?  Did I say gap?  Yeah, right.  I’ve currently got about 125 images taken for upcoming Pursuit of Cobra product already, and while I certainly cannot promise the one review per day quota will continue to be met past August 1st, you have no worries, reviews will still be coming fast and furious.  I’ve got both new Mechs in the wings as well as the two Wave 1 Alpha vehicles, and I still hope to finish off the Wave 1 Single Packs before too long.

The things I do for you people.

Anyway.  Hit up the G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra Review Page or just check out the Doc and Shipwreck reviews directly.  Enjoy.

6 thoughts on “GeneralsJoes Reviews Rise of Cobra TRU Doc and Shipwreck

  1. shipwreck: its not a harpoon. its a boathook. its use with this figure would be to move blocks of ice away from a ships bow as it makes its way thru the water. the rifle is an M1 Garand, noted by General Patton as “The Greatest Battle Implement Ever Devised”. a very reliable weapon in extreme environments. a tad old and odd choice…but a wise one. this version of shipwreck works for me mostly if i imagine hes assigned to an icebreaker.

    doc: yes the colors are very bright and unrealistic to a degree. in the battlefield, the colors would clearly ID him as a non-combatant. as far as the colors drawing enemy fire…if doc is being called in to do his job, the enemy already found its targets.

    that issss all!

  2. The Canadian Rangers still use Lee-Enfields to this day, so like 788 said, the choice of weapon for Shipwreck may have been made based on the idea of arctic reliability. To my mind, the inclusion of Polly is a far bigger problem, because I’m sure that a tropical parrot would last maybe a half hour at most before dying in arctic conditions.

  3. Shipwreck reminds me of the Arctic Adventurer from the 1970’s Adventure Team, so the choice of the M1 Garand as a rifle makes perfect sense as a homage.


  4. Excellent reviews as always Justin, thanks for your continued service to Joe fans.

    but… I’m not seeing a shred of “tan” in Doc’s pants, those babies are bright lemony yellow in my half blinded eyes! ;)

  5. I find the M1 Garand makes perfect sense. The rifle has a wood stock and metal components, where as modern & 10 minutes in the future weapons tend to use plastics for the stocks & hand gurads; which will turn brittle & crack in extreme cold.

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